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We create 360-degree videos with impact for any budget

We develop 360 videos for every application and budget. Explore the possibilities for your business or talk to our experts. 

360 video's for marketing

Create a memorable 360 experience around your company, product or process. Put the viewer front and center and immerse them. No distractions and full engagement. 

Why have a 360 video made?

Immersion, impact and high engagement characterize a 360-degree film. You have a vr film made because:

> The viewer gets a full 360 perspective
> The viewer is immersed and engaged
> A 360 video makes impact and is memorable

Applications of 360 video for marketing

You commission a 360 video to take your target audience into the story regarding your company, product or service.  Take the viewer on a journey and open doors that normally remain closed.

> A look behind the scenes at your company
> Launching a new product or service
> Visiting a factory, customer or supplier

The capabilities of 360 video

We create videos for every budget. Whether you want a high-end production with drones, driving cars and 3D animations or amazing corporate tour. 

Examples of our Virtual Reality films

Our team of specialists has now developed 360 videos for clients from every industry. 

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VR Owl created two experiences at a resolution of 8k. The first is an experience about The Night Watch, especially for a younger audience. The second is a tour of the so-called Gallery of Honor.

Have 360 video film made?

360 videos for education

We use 360 video to teach and train without any distractions. Viewers are fully immersed in the experience and are engaged from start to finish.

The benefits of 360 video for education

The viewer is literally placed in the learning situation and has no distractions from external factors. The engagement and impact is also a lot higher than with traditional video

> Impact and engagement
> No distractions 
> Full view of the learning environment

Applications of 360 video for education

Learn without distraction. Anytime, anywhere, with high engagement and unprecedented interest. Among other things, you’ll have 360 videos created for:

> Onboarding of new staff
> Training procedure and processes
> Tours of (new) locations

The capabilities of our 3D team

In addition to using 360 cameras, our team creates 2D and 3D animations to communicate additional information. 

Examples of our vr films for education

Our team of specialists has now developed 360 videos for clients from every industry. 

More info

The video takes you through the different departments of the company and various practical situations. The video ends with a beautiful drone shot and an overview of all Mateco’s locations in the Netherlands.

The experience impressively shows the heavy equipment and what it is used for. The use of drones, shots on and in vehicles and visual effects creates a dynamic video that remains interesting for the viewer. 

Hardware & Software

We provide a complete solution including the best VR glasses for your application. In addition, we have specially developed software for easy display and playback of your content. 

Questions about 360 video

Most productions take between 2 and 6 weeks from the time production starts. You can expect a first version within 2 weeks from shooting day, depending on complexity and location.

After your request, we will develop a concept together, free of charge, including a price quotation.Upon approval, a kick-off follows in which a project plan is drawn up containing all
Agreements, responsibilities and deadlines. Together we will develop a script and/or storyboard which will serve as the basis for the production. After the shooting day, a first version is produced for feedback, followed by a second and final version.

Our productions start at around 2,500 euros but most of our 360 degree video productions cost between 7,500 and 10,000 euros.  If for example drone shots are made or many effects are needed the costs increase.

You will have the most beautiful experience with virtual reality glasses. However, the video can also

be played on YouTube, Facebook and posted on your website.  In addition

we offer special software that allows you to easily play your 360 content

Yes, you can both buy and rent vr glasses from us. The cost for purchase is 350 euros and rentals start at about 30 hours for a day, and run to about 70 euros for a week. In addition, you can order printed vr glasses from us that are ideal as give-aways.

When it comes to making an impact, nothing compares to VR 360 videos. Offering a unique blend of mixed reality and video content, these immersive videos transport viewers directly into the heart of your narrative.

Every direction they turn, they’ll see more of your story unfold. The result? A truly engaging, unforgettable experience.

Virtual reality is the next frontier in content delivery.

Whether for marketing or educational purposes, virtual reality creates an immersive environment that commands attention and engagement.

This new medium brings stories to life like never before, making them much more memorable and impactful.

To fully enjoy a VR 360 video, virtual reality headsets are crucial. They offer a seamless and immersive viewing experience that traditional screens can’t match.

Whether you’re exploring a 360 video of a factory or being onboarded to a new job, VR headsets make you feel like you’re standing inside the action.

Creating successful VR projects involves more than just a good idea; it requires a deep understanding of the medium.

A 360 video project, for instance, needs to be meticulously planned and executed.

Different angles and details matters because the viewer can look anywhere at any time. It’s this level of immersion that sets VR apart from other formats.

VR experiences are much more than just watching a video; it’s about standing inside the story.

It’s feeling like you’re actually in the room during an important meeting or at the center of an exciting event.

This level of immersion can’t be achieved through any other medium.

Mixed reality harnesses the computer-generated simulation of VR to combine the best of both worlds: the physical and the digital. By overlaying digital content onto the real world, mixed reality uses the camera and earth-based settings to enhance our perception and interaction with our surroundings.

It saves these settings to create a seamless experience. When combined with the immersive power of VR, it can create incredibly interactive experiences that are not just confined to a screen but expand to our entire environment.

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Experienced 360 video company

We are an experienced 360 video company with over 7 years of experience developing 360 content.  We have all the necessary skills and departments to successfully create your 360 movie.

Our process

Our process for vr development is clear and efficient.
From a free concept to a final product.

1. Inspiration

Free introduction, inspiration and insight into your needs and wishes.

Output: Appointment concept meeting

2. Concepting

Define business case and input to concept and cost estimate.

Output: Concept deck & quote

3. Kick Off

Discuss responsibilities and planning for a successful project.

Output: planning

4. Design

A document with art direction, user flow and other aspects to start development.

Output: Design document

5. Creation

We provide two versions for feedback to meet expectations

Output: Alpha, Beta

6. Delivery

After approval, we deliver the final version and ensure a flying start.

Output: Final product

Who we partner with

We take pride in working with everyone.
From multinationals to local entrepreneurs.

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