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Experience innovation with impact

What our VR Agency does

Our virtual and augmented reality agency creates VR, AR & 360 content for a wide range of purposes. From recruitment and training to marketing and sales. Our AR agency team of developers, 3D artists, video makers and creatives allows us to find the best solution for your use case.

We’ve launched hundreds of projects for an international client base. Creating value in the playing field between experience, technology and innovation. For multinationals, local companies and start-ups, all over the globe.

Virtual Reality

Immersive content to tell your story, sell your product and learn efficiently.

Augmented reality

Visualisation and communication anywhere by bringing the digital into the physical.

360 video

Going anywhere and telling everything with amazing content made with passion.


In our 6 years of experience we worked as an VR Agency for many great brands. Have a look at our showcase or dive into our portfolio to get an idea of how we can help you achieve your goals.

Our VR Agency

A passionate team of 34 VR & AR creators. Our Virtual Reality Agency has everything in- house, from concept to execution. Our team consists of the following departments:

Concepting department

Developing creative VR / AR concepts that fit your use case.

360 department
Experienced videographers with a creative perspective.
3D departement

Technical CAD & 3D artist who can create and convert.

Development department

From mobile apps to high end simulation.

Operations department

Event guides and implementation specialists.

Ready to create impact?

Our approach

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Within our Agency for VR & AR implementation is just as important as creation. That’s why we involve our operations department in almost every project to ensure a feasible execution.

The little things make a big difference
VR & AR is an industry with a lot of unexplored territory which requires attention to detail. That’s why we work closely with our clients and help them at every turn.
No nonsense

We are straightforward, open and approachable. We are dedicated to our clients and partners and aim for the long term. Call us and find out just how easygoing we are. 

Our process

Sometimes your question is complex or you are stuck with a tight deadline. This is one of the reasons why we have carefully mapped our processes. This way you know exactly what to expect at which stage.

From a free concept to a final product.

01 First meeting

We gain insight into your wants and needs. We define the business case framework and discuss the creative input for the concept.

Output: Concept & budget

02 Kick-off

Kick off the creation process with a meeting where we define the planning and discuss everything needed for a successful project.

Output: Planning

03 Design

We turn the concept into a a solid design document. This includes art direction, user flow and all other relevant aspects needed to start design and development.

Output: Design document

04 Creation

We deliver two versions for feedback to make sure the production is perfectly aligned with your expectations.

Output: Alpha, beta

05 Delivery

After approval, we deliver the final version and make sure you are off to a flying start.

Output: Final delivery

06 Evaluation

We like to keep in touch making sure you’re satisfied and to let you know if we see any opportunities for your company.

Output: A meeting, call or visit

Who we work with

We’re proud to work with everyone.
From multinationals to local entrepreneurs.

What clients say



“Virtual Reality Agency VR Owl supported us during the whole process. They did this flawlessly and we are very satisfied with the results”


"The whole team was very happy with the masterclass, we hope to work with you again in the future!’’


"A highly recommended experience. VR Owl had a great eye for our own input and quickly realized what we had in mind."


"Impressed by their passion, innovation power, and professional management which continued throughout the whole process"


The main office of our Agency is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands but we also have an office in Frechen, Germany.

Yes, we have done numerous virtual and augmented reality projects for international clients. Our agency develops in The Netherlands but roll out has taken place across the globe.

We develop virtual and augmented reality apps for headset,  mobile and web. Furthermore our virtual reality agency can assist with cms systems, platforms and server development.

Our vr agency develops content for different virtual reality platforms and headsets ranging from PICO to Oculus to HTC and HP.  We also create web ar and vr experiences.

Our virtual reality agency develops content for marketing, promotion and events but also more serious content suchs as training and onboarding. From our augmented reality agency we develop visualisation, ar-filters and much more

At VR Owl, AR overlays digital enhancements onto the real world, while VR creates immersive digital worlds. Our AR/VR expertise caters to various industries, offering innovative and interactive experiences.

Mixed Reality at VR Owl merges physical and digital worlds, creating interactive environments where virtual and real elements coexist and interact seamlessly.

Yes, VR Owl specializes in Web AR development, enabling augmented reality experiences directly in web browsers without additional apps, enhancing user engagement.

VR Owl has worked on innovative projects like ‘the Dutch Police, JBL, Rituals and Nikon’ to name a few, having rolled out our expertise in AR development and virtual production.

Absolutely, VR Owl collaborates with the world’s biggest brands, creating custom AR and VR solutions that drive user engagement and brand visibility.

Our project managers at VR Owl expertly handle AR and VR projects, ensuring innovative, high-quality solutions delivered on time.

VR Owl invests in innovative technologies and creative ideas, constantly exploring new ways to blend digital worlds in AR and VR applications.

Yes, VR Owl develops engaging AR and VR experiences tailored for the entertainment industry, focusing on immersive storytelling and user interaction.

VR Owl is renowned for its innovative AR experiences, creative assets, and expertise in integrating AR/VR technologies, making us a top agency in the field.

We design interactive and visually captivating AR campaigns at VR Owl, focusing on enhancing user engagement and creating memorable experiences.

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