This is what companies like Nike, Adidas & Disney are doing in the Metaverse


The Metaverse, which is a cluster of emerging technologies such as NFT, 5G, AI, Spatial Computing, VR & AR allows brands to buy a piece of virtual land and create personal web experiences for their consumers. In this article, we will explore what are top brands like Nike and Adidas doing in the metaverse.

ADIDAS x Borde Ape Yacht Club - Into the Metaverse

What are top brands like Nike and Adidas doing in the Metaverse?

Sportswear giant Adidas forayed into web3 by launching its brand line, ‘Adidas Originals’ in the Sandbox metaverse as an NFT wearable. Initially, only the members of the BAYC and Punk comics could take part in the mint, but now it has become accessible to everyone across NFT marketplaces.

The NFT titled Adidas: Into the Metaverse is a collection of 30000 digital collectables allowing the owners access to exclusive physical merchandise along with ongoing digital utility. For example, the holders of phase 1 3D NFT artwork could claim a gmoney’s signature orange beanie, the Hash Hoodie, and the Firebird Tracksuit in phase 2.

Snoop Dogg - Sandbox Metaverse

Snoop Dogg

Professional rapper, Snoop Dogg partnered with Sandbox to launch a digital replica of his real mansion titled the Snoopverse. The metaverse consists of a virtual mansion where his fans can hang out, buy his exclusive NFT and get access to his virtual concerts.

The rapper also launched his own collection of NFTs called ‘The Doggies’ consisting of 10000 voxels of avatars playable inside the Snoopverse. 

To get access to the virtual mansion, the participants have to buy an early access pass from the Sandbox marketplace or any other marketplace.

Nike - Roblox Metaverse Experience

Famous sports apparel company Nike has capitalized on the Metaverse concept  by launching its own space called Nikeland in Roblox to allow fans to meet and greet, buy exclusive virtual merchandise and engage in various brand experiences.

In Nikeland, gamers can play various sports while wearing Nike digital apparel. The virtual wearables aren’t just restricted to Nikeland but can be worn across Roblox environments. 

Nike has also launched a digital sneaker called ‘Cryptokicks’ modeled after the Nike Dunk Sneaker and created in association with RTFKT studios which it acquired in 2021. 

Additionally, Nike has also created a web3 community called Swoosh where users can attend exclusive events, work with Nike designers on virtual products, and even receive royalties from selling such things.

Starbucks - Odyssey Metaverse Experience

Starbuck Odyssey

Starbucks has entered the metaverse space by announcing the creation of Starbucks Odyssey which is a web 3 experience where Starbucks members can buy and trade limited-edition NFTs and unlock new benefits and earn NFT digital badges known as ‘journey stamps’.

These digital badges are assigned points value based on their rarity and can be bought or sold on the blockchain and earn benefits like a virtual espresso martini-making class, access to exclusive merchandise, invitations to events at Starbucks Roasteries and even international vacations, like a trip to the Starbucks coffee farm in Costa Rica.

Under the Odyssey program, Starbucks recently released its 2000-item “Siren Collection” featuring a version of the company’s iconic Siren, with the stamps priced at $100. The stamp can only be purchased by Starbucks Odyssey members.

Gucci - Metaverse in Sandbox

Gucci has launched its own digital experience in the Metaverse platform, Sandbox. The metaverse will feature ‘Gucci Vault Land’ where users can experience the company’s history through games and NFTs. The fashion brand is capitalizing on a larger trend of selling virtual versions of the physical goods to metaverse users. 

In the Gucci vault land users can not only learn about Gucci’s heritage but also play mini-games and complete tasks to earn rewards. Moreover, users who hold a Superplastic Gucci NFT or a Gucci Grail NFT will be able to claim a “Gucci Vault Aura collectible.”

The brand also launched ‘Gucci Garden experience’, a virtual replica of the Florence-based Gucci Garden where users can delve into different Gucci campaigns and explore Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele‘s key designs for Gucci and buy rare virtual collectables for their avatars.

H&M - Virtual Showroom in the Metaverse

H&M, the fashion retailer, has introduced a new virtual showroom that displays exclusive collections with top-notch visuals. The showroom features both photo-realistic 3D cloth materials and animations that bring the innovative materials to life.

The initiative is led by H&Mbeyond, the brand’s open innovation retail lab situated in Berlin, and provides a groundbreaking virtual environment that offers visitors a distinctive experience of campaigns and collections.

This virtual showroom extends the brand’s physical showrooms situated worldwide and serves as an effective tool to establish and maintain connections with media, celebrities, influencers, and stylists.

Heineken - Metaverse Product Launch

What are the world's top brands doing in the metaverse

Dutch brewer, Heineken launched a virtual beer, ‘Heineken Silver’ inside their virtual brewery within the metaverse platform Decentraland. The virtual beer is actually Heineken’s move to mock itself and other brands entering the metaverse space. 

Instead of the main ingredients that go into the manufacturing of a real beer, Heineken Silver is made of pixels and bytes. Decentraland users can visit the virtual brewery and experience the virtual beer along with brewing tanks, DJ booth, dance floor and a bar.

KPMG - Metaverse Employee collaboration

Accounting firm KPMG US and Canada have entered the Metaverse ecosystem by opening the metaverse collaboration hub where employees, clients and communities across both firms can come together and explore opportunities for growth across industries and sectors.

Additionally, KPMG Canada added Ethereum and Blockchain to its corporate treasury whereas its US firm has added NFT experience and crypto training into the onboarding of new professionals. The firm will continue to explore opportunities in the web 3.0 space, exploring new tools to train employees and clients on immersive technologies and reshape how businesses transact, collaborate and work.

KPMG is not the only accounting firm to step into the metaverse. For example, PWC Hong Kong branch forayed into the metaverse by acquiring land in the sandbox. Accenture, operates its own metaverse called the Nth floor for onboarding and training.

McDonalds - Metaverse Trademark

McDonalds has filed 10 metaverse related patents to deliver food online, offer virtual concerts and sell non-fungible tokens. The patents consist of virtual food and beverage products as well downloadable multimedia files containing artwork, text, and videos as NFTs.

Apart from McDonalds, fast food giants like KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell have filed for various trademark applications for NFTs and virtual food and beverages.

Disney - Metaverse themepark

Disney is planning to create its own theme park metaverse. It was recently approved for a virtual world simulator patent allowing it to project 3D images and virtual effects on physical objects.

The device would track individual visitors so as to personalize the experience. For example, while one family may see a Mickey-mouse greeting them by a hot-dog stand, another group could interact with Princess Cindrella. 

Metaverse is being used by brands to not only create novel experiences but also to foster brand-customer relations. As the definition of the metaverse becomes clearer, more brands will enter the ecosystem and come up with multiple applications, thus reinventing everything from shopping to customer engagement and support. What are the world’s top brands doing in the metaverse



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