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WebAR offers the impact of augmented reality without an app or social media. Easy, fast and maximum reach with high engagement.

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What is WebAR?

With WebAR you experience interactive content like face filters, 3D animations and games directly through your browser. Without mobile apps or social account and on any smartphone.

How does WebAR work?

Scan a QR code or click on a link to access your camera through your browser. Stream content at lightning speed and enrich the physical world with digital experiences.

Advantages WebAR

When to use WebAR?

Use WebAR for campaigns where you want to reach a large group quickly and cheaply with an interactive brand experience.


Face Filters
Add 3D elements and animations that respond to your face and work on any mobile device.

Realistic 3D content and animations. Place them in the world and create unique interactions or games.

Enrichment of physical media
Use your image, logo or outdoor advertising to activate WebAR or bring your packaging to life.

Interactive games with brand elements. Set the highest score and challenge your friends via social media.

The possibilities of WebAR for your company?

Our WebAR campaigns

Dozens of web based AR examples campaigns for brands and agencies across Europe.

Vega Favorites

Gaston, the face of the Dutch Postcode Lottery presents 12 dishes in lifelike 3D AR web experiences. Scan the folder and he takes you along his favorite Vega Dishes. The campaign was experienced over 200.000 times in one month.


Cheer as hard as you can and take a picture with Charly, the LEGO mascot of Eintracht Frankfurt. Share your creation on social media and win a unique collector’s item. The hashtag #CharlyMomente was shared tens of thousands of times by fans and soccer players of the club.


Scan the packaging and re-enact the advertising campaign in your living room with an interactive game. Set a highscore and challenge your friends via social media. The game was played hundreds of times in just two months.

Interested in WebAR?

Costs WebAR

The costs of WebAR are in concepting, creation and development and a monthly license. A WebAR campaign can be created for a few thousand euros, a fraction of traditional AR campaigns.

Development time WebAR

The lead time of a WebAR campaign is several weeks. This includes coming up with the concept, several delivery moments and the launch. On average a WebAR campaign runs for several months.

On which smartphones does WebAR work?

On almost all recent smartphones and browsers, your reach is over 95%. The experience only requires an internet connection and a smartphone that is not older than 5 years.

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Frequently asked questions

Web AR, or web-based augmented reality, refers to augmented reality experiences that can be accessed directly through web browser on mobile devices or desktops.

Unlike app-based AR, users don’t need to download a dedicated app; they can simply scan a QR code or access a URL to enjoy augmented reality experiences.

Web AR leverages the capabilities of modern browsers to render augmented reality content directly on the user’s device.

By using technologies like WebXR, Web AR can provide immersive augmented reality experiences without requiring users to install a separate app. This makes it easy to access and share AR content using mobile browsers such as Google Chrome.

Web AR experience offers several advantages, including accessibility and convenience. Users can access AR experiences directly through their browsers, eliminating the need for app downloads.

It’s also platform-independent, meaning it works on various devices and operating systems. Additionally, QR codes can be used to quickly trigger AR experiences without the need for complex setup.

Businesses can leverage Web AR for interactive marketing campaigns, product demonstrations, and enhancing customer engagement.

For example, they can create AR experiences that allow customers to visualize products in their real-world environment before making a purchase decision. Web AR’s ease of use and widespread compatibility make it an effective tool for reaching a broader audience.

The costs of web ar are in concepting, creation, development, and a monthly license. A WebAR campaign can be created for a few thousand euros.

The lead time of a WebAR campaign is several weeks, including concept, delivery moments, and launch.

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