Virtual Reality: Education

Virtual Reality content to help you learn faster, cheaper and with more fun

1. Onboarding

Get your employees up to speed in record time. Introduce the company, tasks and work environment in a cost effective and fun manner.
Basic retail skills

METRO is one of the world’s biggest retailers with over 150.000 employees worldwide. We developed a mobile VR application to help them onboard employees in a low barrier, fun and interactive manner. METRO found a high commitment to participate and the training has been rolled out to multiple countries.

BAM Group
Safety procedures on site
The Royal BAM Group is one of the oldest and biggest construction companies in the Netherlands. We developed an application which allows construction employees to learn about safety without going to location and in a time efficient manner. Employees found this a perfect fit for their schedules, informational needs and attention spans.
Recognizing dangers
The Pringles chips brand is owned by Kellog’s and has production sites all around the globe. To help new employees find their way around the production line and notice dangerous situations we created an interactive VR application. The cliënt found that users were more confident to start work sooner and were more proactively looking for dangerous situations.

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2. Trainingen

Learn complex procedures and machinery on any location. Decrease risk, time and costs while operating in a more sustainable way.
Excavator simulation
Loxam rents out heavy machinery throughout Europe. For an event we created a simulation of an excavator including a tutorial, real time scoreboard and game elements. This allows anyone to get a great sense on how to operate an excavator. Feedback from users determined it was a highly realistic and fun experience with way less risk involved.
Operating offshore machinery
Safeway offers an easy way to transport people from ships to difficult to reach locations like oil rigs using so-called gangways. We developed a VR simulator to train on almost any location for multitude of (emergency) situations. This saves immensely on the costs involved in going out to sea to train.

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3. Visualisation & simulation

Use virtual reality to visualize complex matter and gain a unique perspective. Try endless possibilities and see what configuration fits best.
Sales and training
Premier Tech builds packaging solutions. To inform buyers and instruct users we created an application which shows the workings of the machines. Saving time and costs for on-site instructions, while reducing questions and increasing sales. Premier Tech started out with one, today they have their whole product line in VR.
Beuk Horeca
Kitchen congfiguration
For this supplier of products and services for the catering industry we developed an VR interactive configurator. Giving clients an idea how their kitchen will look, if there is enough space and if the equipment is in the right place. A helpful tool for the configuration as well as a sales process
Veranda configuration
This Belgium company constructs verandas with a range of configurations. To help visualise the end product we made a VR application. Integrating a fully functional yearly time and weather system. Letting you see exactly what the lightning looks like during a certain date, hour and weather circumstance.

Who we are

A passionate team of 30 who’ve been in the industry since day one. Young and eager to make an impact. We combine creative ideas with proven concepts. Executing with pinpoint accuracy thanks to smooth processes. We have everything in- house, from concept to execution.

Our team consists of the following departments:
Concepting department
Developing top-notch concepts and 360 video.
3D departement
Bringing vision to life with visualisation and animation.
Development department
Everything from mobile apps to high end simulation.
Operations department
Ensuring a smooth roll out and flawless events.

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Our approach

A goal without a plan is just a wish
Implementation is just as important as creation. Involving the operations department in almost every project to ensure a feasible execution.
The little things make a big difference
VR & AR is an industry with a lot of unexplored territory which requires attention to detail. That’s why we work closely with our clients and help them at every turn.
No nonsense
We are straightforward, open and approachable. We are dedicated to our work, clients and partners and believe in long term partnerships.

Our proces

We’re with you every step of the way. Your success is ours. We believe that co-creation and open communication deliver the best results. We’ve outlined our processes with care so that you know exactly what to expect at what stage.

From a free of charge concept to the final product.

01 First meeting

We gain insight into your wants and needs. We define the business case framework and discuss the creative input for the concept.

Output: Concept & quote

02 Kick-off

Kick off the creation process with a meeting where we define the planning and discuss everything needed for a successfull project.

Output: Planning

03 Design

We turn the concept into a into a solid design document. This includes art direction, user flow and all other relevant aspects needed to start design and development.

Output: Design document

04 Creation

We deliver two versions for feedback to make sure the production is perfectly aligned with your expectations.

Output: Alpha, beta

05 Delivery

After approval we deliver the final version and make sure you are off to a flying start.

Output: Final delivery

06 Evaluation

We like to keep in touch making sure you’re satisfied and to let you know if we see any opportunities for your company.

Output: A meeting, call or visit

Who we work with

We see opportunities for every company, in any industry. That’s why we put the same amount of effort and dedication into every project. We’re proud to work with everyone. From multinationals operating worldwide to local entrepreneurs.

What clients say



“VR Owl supported us during the whole process. They did this flawlessly and we are very satisfied with the results”


"The whole team was very happy with the masterclass, we hope to work with you again in the future!’’


"A highly recommended experience. VR Owl had a great eye for our own input and quickly realized what we had in mind."


"Impressed by their passion, innovation power, and professional management which continued throughout the whole process"
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