A unique 360 degree perspective of your business with a virtual tour

Virtual tour with 360° photos

A virtual tour is a collection of 360° photos taken at different locations. Users can view and select the photos by clicking on them.

Through hotspots, they can collect additional information or media.


Virtual tour with 360 photos

Total already owned several 360° photos of a drilling rig. In collaboration, 15 photos were selected. The photos were incorporated into a two-minute video that is supplemented with text and sound.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Virtual tour

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management asked us to create a virtual tour of an art walk that was planned but was cancelled due to Covid. We made a virtual tour with 360 degree photos and videos of the Innovation Expo. Check out the example of this virtual tour here.

2. Virtual tour with 360° video

Create a 360° video of your company to give your viewer a tour. Showcase your company and explain your processes with the viewer in the middle of the story.

Pangea Life

Pangea Life invests in sustainable properties such as wind farms around the world. We created a virtual tour for them that took investors on a journey across Europe.

Virtual Gateway

360 virtual tour

The German government wanted to show how fair trade products improve livelihoods worldwide. We went to the Ivory Coast to document this project using a virtual tour of different locations to show the positive impact of fair trade.

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Our approach

A goal without a plan is just a wish

With VR & AR, implementation is just as important as creation.

That’s why we involve our operations department in almost every project to ensure feasible implementation.

The little things make a big difference

VR & AR is an industry with a lot of uncharted territory that requires attention to detail. That’s why we work closely with our clients and help them every step of the way.

No nonsense

We are straightforward, open and approachable. We are committed to our clients and partners and strive for long-term collaborations. Call us and experience it for yourself.

Our process for a virtual tour

Sometimes your question is complex or you’re stuck with a tight deadline. That’s partly why we’ve carefully mapped out our processes. That way you know exactly what to expect at what stage.

From a free concept to a final product.

01 First meeting

Understanding your wants and needs. We define the business case framework and discuss the creative input for the concept.

Output: Concept & budget

02 Kick-off

We start the creative process with a meeting where we define the planning and discuss everything needed for a successful project.

Output: Planning

03 Design

We turn the concept into a design document. This contains art direction, user flow and all relevant aspects needed to start development.

Output: Design document

04 Creation

We deliver two versions for feedback to ensure that the production is perfectly aligned with expectations.

Output: Alpha, beta

05 Delivery

After approval, we deliver the final version and ensure a flying start with delivery, installation or instruction.

Output: Final delivery

06 Evaluation.

We like to keep in touch to make sure you are satisfied and to let you know if we see further opportunities for your business..

Output: Meeting, call or visit

Who we work with

We take pride in working with everyone.

From multinationals to local business owners.

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