Virtual Reality applications

Virtual Reality with impact for marketing & education

Virtual Reality Marketing

Sell and promote your business or product uniquely with virtual reality. Provide an unforgettable experience that puts your customer in the middle of the experience.

VR Product marketing

Launch or promote your product with impact. A memorable experience with a high share factor. A VR application can be used for a long time and can be used almost anywhere.

Among others, we created vr applications for:

> A product launch in VR for Mont Blanc
> An interactive VR game for Blue Curaçao

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VR Events

Use virtual reality during an event or activation, attract attention and promote your organization in a unique way. An interactive brand experience with a high fun factor

Among others, we created vr event applications for:

> Promotion of Huawei’s 5G network
> A Christmas brand experience for Coca Cola

VR Presentation

Present your business in a virtual reality and take your products or services anywhere. Your entire product portfolio at hand or a unique view of your operations.

Among other things, we created virtual reality applications for:

> Interactive portfolio and company presentation for Mateco
> Interactive portal with Dutch innovations for RVO.

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VR Storytelling

Tell your story in an immersive way with virtual reality. Inform and persuade with a 360-degree perspective. Engage and captivate your employees or recruit new staff.

Among other things, we developed vr applications for:

– The rebranding for Baker Tilly
– A 3D animation for Coca Cola

Information about VR-development?

VR Education

We use virtual reality to make learning faster, better and cheaper. As a VR agency, we employ a variety of techniques; from 360-degree animation video to complex simulations.


With a virtual reality application, you can train personnel anytime, anywhere. You learn complex procedures and operations without being physically present, at lower cost and with less risk.

We develop virtual reality for:

> Learning to control offshore equipment
> Replacing a battery of a Tesla

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Create a vr application and introduce your new staff to the organization, colleagues and operations in a fun and innovative way.

We created VR apps for:

> Onboarding of Dutch police
> Onboarding of employees in disaster areas


Showcase your products or processes at any location with a virtual reality app. Your entire portfolio at your fingertips and every process visually explained.

We developed vr apps for:

> Visualizing a fire safety technique
> Visualizing a recycling process

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VR Simulation

Train complex procedures and operation or learn to operate machines. Train at any time with low cost and no risk.

We made as vr developer

> Simulation for driving offshore equipment in vr
> Simulation of the control of excavators and cranes 

Need Virtual Reality created?

Experienced VR developers

We are an experienced vr app developer with over five years of experience and a team of 35 creatives, designers and vr developers. 

As a vr developer, we have all the necessary skills and departments to have a vr app created.

> Concepting
> Development
> 3D artists

> 360 video 
> Operations
> Events

Questions about VR development

Costs depend on a number of factors such as complexity, degree of interactivity and design.

Simple, short applications for marketing, for example, are a lot cheaper than complex simulations for training, for example.

On average, costs start at 15 thousand euros and can go up to about 50 thousand euros.

We always begin the development process with an introduction to the client, the company and the processes. After we understand the requirements, our creative team gets to work on a concept and quote.

This is shared with the client and after approval, a kick-off for the project is scheduled. During the kick-off, tasks and responsibilities are discussed and a project plan is created. After the start of the project, when developing some vr apps, another design document or process is delivered.

A first, so-called Alpha version, is often delivered after a few weeks. This contains the basic functionalities of the vr application. After feedback, a Beta version is worked on; this is as good as finished. After the last feedback, a final version is delivered; the full working vr application.

Having a vr application made takes between 4 and 12 weeks on average, depending on the complexity. Having training applications such as vr simulations made generally takes longer than a simpler (marketing) vr application.

We create vr apps for any platform such as mobile devices like the Android & Apple devices in combination with a Google Cardboard. Stand-alone headsets such as the Oculus Quest & PICO VR. Additionally, you can have a virtual reality application created for more complex headsets that you connect to a PC or external device, such as the HP Reverb G2.

Our team of vr developers has experience with every possible platform so feel free to contact us if your answer is not listed here

We create vr apps for marketing, promotion and events but also more serious content such as training and onboarding. From our augmented reality agency we develop visualization, ar-filters and much more.

As a vr developer, we have been working on vr app development for about 5 years. Our team consists of concepters, designers, 3D artists and vr developers.

Our process

Our process for vr development is clear and efficient.
From a free concept to a final product.

1. Inspiration

Free introductions, inspiration and insight into your wants and needs.

Output: Appointment concept meeting

2. Concepting

Discuss responsibilities and planning for a successful project.

Output: Concept deck & quote

3. Kick Off

Discuss responsibilities and planning for a successful project.

Output: planning

4. Design

A document with art direction, user flow and other aspects to start development.

Output: Design document

5. Creation

We provide two versions for feedback to meet expectations

Output: Alpha, Beta

6. Delivery

Once approved, we deliver the final version and get you off to a flying start.

Output: Final product

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