Top 10 Web AR Campaigns

With the rise of Web AR, brands can offer immersive experiences without the need for dedicated apps, leading to an increase in user engagement and satisfaction. In this article, we will be showcasing the top 10 Web AR campaigns that brands deployed to attract customers and increase awareness.

1. Club Brugge - No Heart, No Glory

Belgian soccer Club Brugge and Online Sports betting platform Unibet have worked with AR platform Zapworks to unveil a web AR-based education #saveslives mobile campaign called ‘No Heart, No Glory’. 

The web-AR campaign can be activated with a link. The experience begins in the user’s living room, where they witness a player falling helpless to the ground. A virtual avatar appears near him and users are then prompted to perform life-saving resuscitation skills, teaching them key CPR techniques in a safe environment. 

The users are tested on their knowledge and are rewarded if they pass. To promote the campaign, Club Brugge players wore special kits bearing the No Heart, No Glory logo and encourage fans to try the AR experience, learn CPR and get involved with the #savelives movement.

2. Rivella - Bubble Catching

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Rivella, a soft drink from Switzerland wanted to bring their brand’s and product’s values to their customers in a playful, fun way. With a web-based AR game, users were not only able to play the game instantly but also learn about product features. 

In a browser-based application, a virtual Rivella Refresh bottle gets placed in the surroundings. Once the bottle is placed, bubbles start appearing from behind the bottle. Users are then prompted to pop the bubbles with their fingers to see the benefits of the drink.  

The element of gamification to the product was well received by the customers. Additionally, the organization believed Web-AR to be more sustainable compared to traditional flyers.

3.Tuborg Squash - Easter Lucky Winner Hunt

Tuborg Squash, a Danish soda and a Carlsberg product launched a Web-AR campaign where users could find the QR code hidden in the bottle cap, scan it and see an amazing experience unfolding before their eyes.

Upon scanning a QR code, an orange tree appears and grows, followed by a squash bottle bursting out of an orange, indicating whether you are a Lucky Draw winner. 

The campaign was very popular among the customers, the KPI shows that more than 10K people got engaged in it (within 3 weeks). Total user engagement rate was 44.3% and total WebAR open rate was 63.6%.

4. Normaflore - CityLight Campaign

Normaflore, a therapy for aiding the recovery of the intestinal microbial flora, developed a web-AR experience to increase brand awareness and highlight the benefits of its product as part of their Citylight Campaign

The experience gets activated once users scan the QR code from an outdoor advertisement on a bus stand. Users can see bacteria circulating on the surface of the board, but they have pushed away, highlighting that the use of Normaflore keeps the germs away. 

Normaflore’s marketing and business objectives were effectively accomplished as a result of the outdoor Web-AR campaign, which produced a significant impact and raised brand recognition.

5. Purina 28-Day Challenge

Purina, one of the best dog food brands, dedicated to working for the betterment of dogs launched a creative 28-day challenge campaign for all animal lovers to improve their pet’s diet and well-being in a mere span of one month. 

In order to connect with their customers and walk with them through the 28-day journey, they were given an interactive way to see the benefits of changing their pet’s diet to Purina ONE and what improvements to expect throughout the 28-day period. For example, a virtual dog appears in the living room who seems to be relishing Purina One. 

Finally, by completing the challenge, users were then sent a $5 coupon to use online or in-store to maintain the customer-brand relationship with full honesty.

6. Papa-Johns and NetSpend - eGift Campaign

In collaboration with Shaq’s Fun House, Netspend and Papa Johns have entered the world of augmented reality (AR) through an eGift promotion. Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s Instagram hub was the platform for promoting the campaign to consumers. 

To participate in the AR experience, users were instructed to point their phone camera at a dollar bill, which activated the WebAR experience. The dollar bill image linked users to the promotion, which offered them a $10 eGift discount for Papa Johns upon signing up. 

Jaclyn Ruelle, VP head of brand at Papa Johns, said that this was their first foray into AR experiences with their fanbase, and the success of this campaign has encouraged them to explore this space further. The promotion was launched just before the Super Bowl, and by Saturday morning, 5,000 eGift codes had already been claimed.

7. Toyota - Says So Much

Toyota launched an web-AR experience for U.S. car buyers interested in the latest model of the Toyota Crown. The carmaker’s “Says So Much” campaign uses digital out-of-home (DOOH) ads that push consumers to the experience with a QR code on the ad. 

By scanning the QR code, users can view a 3D model of the latest car on their mobile screens. The virtual vehicle is superimposed on their immediate surroundings, which are captured by the phone’s camera. Users have the ability to manipulate the virtual car by rotating the image, altering its colour, zooming in and even taking a test drive by sitting behind the wheel.

The app-free AR experience helped customers to find out more about the car and its features without relying on in-person sales interactions.

8. Unilever

POND’S, Hindustan Unilever’s beauty and skincare brand, created a super interesting web-AR game which allowed players to pop the bubbles with their head and face movement. 

As users pop more bubbles, their skin glows and radiates, similar to the effect of Ponds beauty cream. Following the completion of the experience, users receive discount coupons and have the opportunity to add the product to their cart, before proceeding to the final purchase.

The implementation of WebAR made the two-way interaction more immersive and led to 60X more engagement as compared to the traditional user engagement methods. 

9. Porsche - Scan To See The Future

Porsche, one of the most iconic sports brands developed an out-of-the-box web-based augmented reality print marketing campaign to attract readers to find out more about the new all-electric Porsche Taycan.

A traditional advertisement featuring a classic Porsche sports car was visible to readers across magazines such as Vogue, GQ, and Emirates Woman. However, upon scanning the ad with a smartphone device, it would seamlessly transition into showcasing the brand-new all-electric Porsche Taycan.

According to Porsche’s Head of Commercial Operations, Lewis Collins ‘the experience is another fantastic example of how Web-based Augmented Reality can be used within print media to elevate the brand message.’

10. Lego

LEGO launched a new web-based augmented reality (AR) experience to promote its new LEGO Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3 set. 

To experience the Lego car, users scan their surrounding environment with a smartphone device, tap on the LEGO box that appears in their world space, and witness a virtual unboxing experience. LEGO pieces fly out of the box and assemble in a whirlwind animation to reveal the fully assembled product. 

The experience effectively displays the detailed features of the LEGO Ferrari set, offering users and supercar enthusiasts an opportunity to observe the design and aerodynamics of the Ferrari Daytona SP3. This preview can be enjoyed prior to the purchase of the LEGO Technic set.

The success of these campaigns is evidence that Web AR has evolved into an essential tool for businesses to differentiate themselves in an overcrowded market and establish a connection with their customers. As technology continues to advance, we can expect to see even more imaginative and inventive Web AR campaigns in the future.



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