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  • Automotive
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VR Owl US Air Force VR training Learning

US Air Force | Suicide prevention VR training

  Suicides are reportedly on the rise in the U.S. military. VR is now being put to action to help …

VR hospital training VR OWL Healthcare

Erasmus MC | Doctors VR Training

  Starting in October 2021, Erasmus MC will practice in virtual reality with the rare and acute situation of resuscitation …

VR Training hospital Healthcare

University College Antwerp | Nursing VR Training

  The Karel de Grote Hogeschool in Antwerp is using VR training for nursing students. This way they learn to …

unnamed Emergency Services

Antwerp Police Department / Police VR Simulation

  The Antwerp police are using virtual reality from September 2021 in order to counter the feeling of being ethnically …

USAF USSF Military

US Air Force & US Space Force | Medical VR Training

The USAF and USSF are partnering with SimX to deploy virtual trainings.

Stamford AR Spine Healthcare

Bennett Medical Center | AR Spine Surgery

Spine surgeons at Health’s Bennett Medical Center in Stamford, Connecticut, used augmented reality in 12 surgeries.

Fort Myers PD Emergency Services

Fort Myers Police Department | Police VR Simulation

Police officers in Fort Myers, Florida, use virtual reality to better work under pressure and prepare them for the worst.

Sacramento PD Emergency Services

Sacramento Police Department | Police VR Training

The Sacramento PD uses virtual reality to deal with implicit biases.

MAN VR Offshore

MAN | Motor Engine VR Training

MAN has created a virtual ‘engine room’ for hard-to-reach employees.

Siemens wind VR Offshore

Siemens | Offshore Wind Turbines VR Training

Siemens installs wind turbines and rotor blades. They train with virtual reality

Safeway VR Offshore

Safeway | Offshore VR Simulation

Safeway specializes in freight department management. They use VR training to make trainings more efficient

BP VR Offshore

BP | Offshore VR Training

BP uses VR training to train employees efficiently and onshore.

Amphia VR Healthcare

Amphia Hospital and MMC | Care employees VR Training

Several hospitals and medical centers work with virtual reality.

Corona Fryslan VR Healthcare

Corona Fryslân | Trauma VR Training

Healthcare authorities in Friesland work together to develop VR training courses.

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