The best social AR filters for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat & Tiktok

Social Augmented Reality filters are becoming an increasingly popular tool in marketing campaigns. As per Techcrunch, creators have made over 1.5 million lenses using Snapchat’s AR Lens Studio till date. Meta’s AR tool, SparkAR has more than 2 million AR effects on Facebook and Instagram. 

In this article we’ll cover some of the best social ar filters from brands across the globe.

1. Nasa’s SpaceX Helmet - Social AR filter

To promote the second SpaceX’s operational mission in the commercial crew program, NASA created a Social AR filter. This filter let people virtually jump into an astronaut’s seat on the Crew Dragon spacecraft. 

To try on the virtual space suit and board the spacecraft, people can simply click on the link provided by NASA on their Facebook and Instagram profile and search for a SpaceX helmet. 

We believe that it’s a great way to not only let people experience being inside the crew dragon but also inspire children to become an astronaut. 

2. Saks’ - Instagram AR Filter

Luxury retailer Saks partnered with Yahoo Creative Studio to create AR selfie filters for Instagram.

The social AR filter was launched last year in December and featured a series of curated holiday gifts. Users could virtually try out the gifts and shop for themselves or their friends and family. 

Scanning the QR code, users can try on three different types of filters: a glam filter, ski slope filter and a seaside resort filter.

3. Lego AR - Snapchat AR filter

Snapchat introduced a new type of lens, ‘Connected Lenses’ in partnership with Lego, allowing snapchat users to come and enjoy building a Lego model together. 

In this social filter user clicks on a bio link on Lego’s snapchat profile, they can invite their friends to be a part of the game from their respective homes. Next, users can see a predefined 3D model. They can resize and adjust, add in lego’s bricks, elements and animations. 

We believe it could be a great opportunity for creators to build remote collaboration experiences and engage audiences around the globe.

4. Samsung’s The Frame TV Series | Instagram & Facebook Filter

To promote its Frame Series digital Tv, Samsung India launched an AR filter on Instagram and Facebook that allows users to experience The Frame against the wall of their home. 

Once the social AR filter gets activated, the consumers can simply point their smartphone in part of their home. Once done, the users can select different bezels and artwork and match it with their home interiors. 

5. Snapchat’s Train like an Olympian | Snapchat Filter

To celebrate the commencement of the Tokyo Olympics, Snapchat launched an AR filter titled “Train like a champion” to encourage people to stay active and healthy. 

The users across selected countries could access the filter by visiting Olympics official snapchat account. Using snapchat lens’ body-tracking technology, users need to go through three different exercises before the time runs out. If successful, the users will be rewarded with a virtual firework show on their phones. 

6. PUMA’s #PUMANSOFSG | Social AR filter

One our favourite social AR filters comes from Sports brand Puma launched a campaign titled as #PUMANSOFSG, inspired by the Humans of New York movement. 

The social campaign was created by an independent creative agency UltraSuperNew. It encourages people to use PUMAN filters and avail discounts on PUMA’s products at its retail stores across Singapore. 

To try on the filter, users can simply visit one of six Instagram influencers (e.g. @tayying_) and try their PUMAN Filter (under the face filter tab). Then, take an IG Story video with the filter, and use a hashtag #PUMANSOFSG. 

7. Easyjet’s Holidaydoorways | AR Filter

U.K. airliner Easyjet released a social first campaign featuring five AR filters created by a digital marketing agency,  VCCP London. 

The AR filters transport users briefly from their living rooms to idyllic locations such as beautiful beaches, canals and coves in Santorini, Venice, Zante, Nice and The Algarve. 

This social campaign ran across the UK and eight other key European markets.

8. Sunglasses Flip AR by British Vogue | Social AR Filter

British Vogue created a AR branded AR filter on Instagram to promote the latest Salvator Ferragams sunglass styles. Once the AR filter is selected, users can scan through 4 different sunglasses types from oversize oval frame metal sunglasses to eco-friendly sunglasses. This AR filter for brandsprovides a creative way for followers to visualize how owning a product looks like.

9. JDSports #JDVaporMaxShuffle | TikTok AR Filter

Leading sneakers and sports fashion retailer collaborated with Nike and TikTok to invite consumers to virtually try-on the new Nike Air VaporMax.

The 3D AR branded effect allowed anyone to try-on all three colorways of the new trainer. The brand also organized a competition for the Tik-Tok community where a selected few won the shoes for posting pictures of the trainers along with a hashtag #JDVaporMaxShuffle.

It’s a great way for TikTok members to try on new products without having to purchase it or leave the comfort of their own home.

10. N26 #BalanceTheBanknotes | Social AR Filter

Mobile bank N26 launched a campaign #BalanceTheBanknotes to highlight the lack of representation of women on banknotes. 

To experience the filter, users can open the filter on Instagram or Facebook and hold up any €5, €10, $1, $5, or $10 note/bill to their smartphone’s camera. The users can then watch as the male on the banknote transforms into a pioneering woman, from Rosa Parks to Emmy Noether to Emilia Pardo Bazán. 

11. Ready Player One | Facebook AR Filter

Before launching Facebook’s new AR feature called ‘target tracking’, she created a campaign for the movies Ready Player One and Wrinkle in Time. The new feature makes it possible to scan promotional posters and see animated experience. In addition, it is also possible to scan a QR code to experience the experience.

12. KLM ‘Try Before You Fly’ - Facebook​

KLM created an augmented reality filter to promote destinations. Through Facebook ads, it is possible to discover travel destinations in an immersive way. 

Upon opening the camera, users see themselves ready to go on a trip. During the experience, the user can look around at a location KLM is flying to. This campaign aimed to attract customers more to unknown places without having an AR app created.

13. Nike’s chatbot - Facebook Filter

The beta version of applying AR to Facebook Messenger chatbots involved four brands including Nike. The campaign was to promote the new shoe. However, in order to experience it, Nike fans first had to figure out the code for the augmented reality animation. There were 4 emoji’s distributed by Messenger social influencers who partnered with Nike.

These emojis then had to be communicated to Nike’s SNKRS Messenger chatbot after which the augmented reality experience was released and they were given a link to purchase the limited sneakers. The result was that the sneakers sold out within an hour.

4. Mercedes-benz #Playbyyourrules - Instagram Filter

Mercedes Benz introduced a new fun, sporty CLA Coupe with the “#playbyyourrules” campaign. For this, they created an Instagram filter that can be found by users when creating an Instagram story.  The AR filter gives a kind of glow over the user. This is the same effect as was used in the video that Mercedes-benz produced also for the campaign.


6. Taco Bell Cinco de Mayo - Snapchat Filter

Taco Bell generated an unforgettable Snapchat filter to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, a holiday in Mexico and the US. In one day 224 million views. With so many Snapchat filters out there, it’s hard to stand out.
But by being unique, creating high-quality content and using a filter that everyone loves (tacos) is not impossible. This makes Snapchat an easy platform for AR.

7. Domino’s pizza - Snapchat Fil;ter

Domino’s created a pizza filter where Snapchat users can visualize a pizza box in their environment when using the standard camera.
When using the selfie camera, the user sees sunglasses projected on their head with a pizza in the reflection of the glasses. Inside the filter is a button to quickly order a pizza without leaving the app.

10. Stranger Things - Snapchat Filter

The Netflix original series, Stranger Things, has released the new season 3. To promote it, they wanted to make the “upside down,” the alternate dimension from the series, accessible to viewers. 

In a collaboration with Snapchat, they created a filter that could be used at Wringley Field. Using marker tracking technology, it was only possible to activate the filter when scanning the monumental sign above the entrance. 

Then visitors could send in their own name so that it was integrated into the AR experience. Even though the filter was only available to use for one day at the stadium, a video went around on Twitter that ended up getting 110 thousand views from fans.

12. Lego virtual store - Snapchat AR

Lego has developed its own line of clothing for adults for the first time. To draw attention to this, they have opened a store in New York. However, the catch is that there are no clothes hanging in the store.

The only thing present on location is a Snapcode. By scanning the code, the visitor enters an augmented reality space. The visitor can now walk into the Lego store in the app. From the virtual store, clothing can be purchased.

The pop-up store was open for only one day at a location in London. Still, the store made the news.

13. Lebron James - Snapchat

In the house of hoops at Footlocker, it is possible to bring Lebron James to life from a poster using Snapchat. By scanning a snap code, Lebron James steps out of a poster to dunk.

A video of the in-store experience was recorded and shared by Lebron James on social media. The video was viewed more than 2 million times which was a great advertisement for Footlocker, Snapchat, Nike and Lebron James himself.

14. Kraft Mac & Cheese snappable - Snapchat

Kraft Mac & Cheese had removed all artificial flavors from their products. They launched a new campaign focused on the slogan: “it changed, but it hasn’t”.
For the campaign, Kraft Mac & Cheese collaborated with Snapchat to create a filter. After unlocking the filter, users could catch macaroni with their mouths and score points.

Within 24 hours, the filter had reached nearly 20 million Snapchatters. Of those who could remember the filter, 81% found the game entertaining. In addition, purchase intent went up by 13%.


15. Footlocker unboxing lens - Snapchat

The new Air Jordan 1 Gatorade arrived in stores as a gift on Christmas Day. Another gift was the augmented reality filter available on Snapchat.
The filter allowed the shoes to be unwrapped before the launch date. Footlocker therefore calls the experience “unbox before they drop. The Snapchat lens has been viewed more than 500 thousand times with an average play time of 45 seconds.

16. Bareburger - Snapchat

Bareburger is one of the first restaurants to begin playing with augmented reality menus on Snapchat. To test the concept, a campaign was set up where customers could win free dishes.

To participate in the win campaign, customers first had to use Bareburger’s delivery service. When ordering, there was a chance that a scannable card would be included.If a card was included, it could be redeemed by scanning it when visiting the store. When scanning, the customer sees what has been won, which could be a burger, a dessert, or something completely different.

17. Lays’ augmented reality game - Facebook AR

In 2018, Lay’s revamped its chip bag packaging. For the promotion, an augmented reality game was developed for the Facebook camera. By opening the filter with the selfie camera, you activate the game.

Next, chips are virtually thrown at the user, who must catch them with his mouth. The aim is to score as many points as possible in ten seconds. During the game you can see the new layout of various packages.

18. Spider man landmark - Snapchat AR

For the promotion of the new Spiderman movie ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, Sony Pictures created a Snapchat lens. By using Snapchat landmarks, the filters could only be used at four known locations.

The Snapchatter could see Spiderman swinging by the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, The Flatiron Building in New York, Buckingham Palace in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

19. Game of Thrones Landmark - Snapchat

HBO let a famous dragon from the series into our world via Snapchat. The dragon can be seen on the Flatiron building, a well-known landmark in New York. 

As the building freezes and it begins to snow, the dragon lands on the roof a looks out over the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. Snapchatters nearby can scan the landmark and experience the AR.

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