The best 5 Mixed Reality Use Cases for Companies

Mixed reality (MR) takes augmented reality to the next level where users can touch, move, and interact with digital objects as if they were present in the physical world. In this article, we will explore some of the best Mixed Reality use cases for companies. 

Mixed Reality use case 1 - Product Design and Prototyping

Boeing using mixed reality to design and test airplane prototypes

One of the most promising mixed reality use cases o is in product design and prototyping. MR allows designers to design, create and manipulate digital prototypes of products in a real-world setting. 

By visualizing the product in 3D, they can better understand how it will look and function, test its ergonomics, and identify potential design flaws early in the process.

Using MR, designers can interact with visual models of the product with a sense of presence and visualize its interaction with its environment. Additionally, they can test the product’s features, such as buttons or levers, to ensure they are easy to use and accessible. 

They can also test the product’s scale and size to ensure it fits its intended use case. This process can save time and money, as designers can identify and correct design flaws before building a physical prototype.

Mixed Reality business case – Airbus

With MR, Airbus engineers can visualize and interact with virtual aeroplane models overlaid in real-world environments, allowing them to test the functionality of the aeroplane and identify potential design issues before manufacturing it.  

Mixed Reality use case 2 - Remote Assistance

MR-based training replaces traditional paper-based procedures with digital instructions that provide step-by-step guidance, thereby improving efficiency and minimizing the chances of errors.

Moreover, MR enables on-site workers to stay connected with technical experts via real-time audio/video conferencing to address critical issues such as electrical wiring installation or fault detection. 

It enables experts to draw AR annotations to train new trainees that stick to the real world which helps in saving cost and time.

Mixed Reality business case – DHL

Another great mixed reality use case is that of DHL is utilizing MR technology to deliver remote assistance to its field employees. Through MR, DHL experts can offer instant real-time guidance and support to field employees, enhancing their operations’ efficiency and quality.  

Mixed Reality use case 3 - Maintenance and Repair

A great use case of mixed reality is for assisting maintenance technicians and repair crews in diagnosing and fixing equipment. 

By overlaying digital information on physical objects, technicians can quickly identify problems and take corrective action. This can reduce downtime, improve productivity, and lower maintenance costs.

For example, an MR headset can provide a maintenance technician with step-by-step instructions for repairing a piece of equipment. The headset can overlay digital information onto the physical object, such as the location of a faulty part or the correct tool to use for a particular task.

Mixed Reality business caseIsotta Fraschini Motori

Isotta Fraschini Motori, an Italian manufacturing company is currently using MR in areas related to training, maintenance and remote assistance to improve the performance of certain stages of the production cycle.

Mixed Reality use case 4 - Landscape Design

The 5 best use cases of mixed reality for companies
Gensler is using microsoft hololens to develop its projects

During the planning and design phase, stakeholders and decision-makers review and evaluate landscape images before and after construction to minimize uncertainties during the environmental impact assessment process. 

However, the absence of a standardized visualization technique for visualizing future landscapes that do not yet exist has led to the exploration of mixed reality (MR) technology. MR technology superimposes virtual content onto a real environment, making it an appealing option for landscape design.

Mixed Reality Business Case – Gensler

Gensler, a worldwide architecture and design firm that has been investigating the potential of mixed reality technology in landscape design. Their MR system enables users to immerse themselves in and assess landscape designs in a virtual environment, resulting in a more interactive and immersive experience.

Mixed Reality use case 5 Interactive Planogram

The new HoloLens Commercial kit allows retailers to envision their shop layout before construction.

Interactive planograms that incorporate mixed reality (MR) technology enable retailers and merchandisers to plan and optimize product placement on shelves and displays. 

These planograms utilize interactive features such as 3D visualization, drag-and-drop functionality, and real-time data analysis to allow retailers to create and modify product displays, while also monitoring their performance.

Additionally, it reduces staff time to check for product inventory at the back of the house and focuses more on interacting with the customers. 

Analyzing data through MR can help a planogrammer to make successful recommendations about the number of “facing” a certain product should have on the display and which product should surround it. This results in better service and operational efficiency. 

Mixed Reality Business Case – Walmart

Walmart uses AR for commerce and uses MR technology to visualize which of the products on the planogram are not performing well which may hurt their sales. 

With the help of statistical data, the retailer is able to strategically place the products so that people not only see them but also make a purchase. 

In conclusion, mixed reality use cases are increasingly being explored across various industries. From product design and VR training to remote assistance and landscape design, mixed reality offers unique and innovative solutions that enhance productivity, reduce errors, and improve safety.  

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