The advantages, disadvantages and costs of WebAR

WebAR is seen as the future of immersive technology, and many companies keep a close eye on the developments of this technology.

What are the pros and cons of WebAR and what does it cost to realize such a WebAR experience? That and more will become clear in this article.

If you want to get started with this technique yourself or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is (Web) AR?

Augmented reality is a technique in which you place and view digital objects in the real world via the screen of your smartphone, tablet or via AR glasses such as the Hololens. An example of this is Pokémon GO!, the well-known game. More and more products are being promoted in AR such as new cars, sneakers or sunglasses.

Often, downloading an application or using a social app such as Instagram or TikTok is required to view the content. The advent of web-based augmented reality means this is no longer necessary. Nowadays you can view augmented reality content directly via your browser. This way of AR is the future, because of the low threshold, user-friendliness and speed.

From app to the web

Downloading an app still remains a barrier to the distribution of content, especially if it has a commercial background. The advent of web-based AR completely removes this barrier.

In the case of augmented reality, you only have to follow a link, open your camera and you can immediately view the AR content. This means that you have to download the content every time because you did not have to download an app. The complexities of this web experience are still limited because the files that are used cannot be too large.

The benefits of WebAR

The benefits of WebAR are twofold. First of all, the threshold is very low to distribute and view your content. The lack of an application makes people more inclined to view and share the content. This ensures a higher reach, more interaction and a higher share factor.

The second benefit is a direct result of the first; the lack of an app means much lower costs and more flexibility. You can push new content faster and cheaper and thus connect to current campaigns, for example.

The cons of WebAR

The lack of an app also has its drawbacks. Most important is the complexity of the experience. You want to keep the download time as low as possible and the experience as smooth as possible. This results in less detailed content, fewer interaction options and a shorter experience.

The second drawback is that WebAR is still in its infancy and runs less smoothly on older phones. In addition, a good internet connection is desirable in order to display the content as efficiently and quickly as possible.

The possibilities of WebAR

We have already created cool content ourselves with the help of WebAR and see more and more brands embracing this technique. Be sure to check out these examples of WebAR campaigns for a list of the coolest content.

The costs of WebAR

The costs of having a WebAR experience made are a lot cheaper than standard AR. This is mainly due to the lack of the application, which is often the largest cost item.

The best WebAR platforms where we work more require a monthly fee for hosting, with a fixed and variable cost. This leaves more money for creating cool content. Where you spend several tens of thousands of euros with standard AR applications, you can already launch a WebAR campaign for several thousand.

The Future of Augmented Reality and the Web

We firmly believe that WebAR is the future for experienced augmented reality. In the coming years, everything will move to the cloud. You can find all data and computing power online. Your device will only need a good internet connection, such as with Netflix. The arrival of 5G internet will play an essential role in this, making us apps quickly become something of pre-2020.



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