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We see WebAR as the future of augmented reality. It offers engaging experiences without the need of an application. In this article you’ll find the best WebAR examples. 

What is WebAR and why is it so interesting?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technique in which virtual objects are placed in the real world and become visible through the lens of a camera or special glasses.

What makes WebAR different is that you can view it directly via your browser, without an app.  For other experiences such social AR filters and lenses you would need an application installed.

The lack of an required app makes it a lot more accessible for the viewer and much easier for the broadcaster. 

WebAR ensures a higher reach and lower costs, which makes the use of WebAR very attractive for companies.

Finding the best WebAR Examples

Each month we look across the web to find the best WebAR examples from brands across the board. These can be found in our blog and newsletter of enjoy our selection below. 

1. Lavazza x Arsenal | WebAR Football

Lavazza WebAR Example

In this WebAR example Arsenal and Lavazza teamed up for this campaign where, opening the AR experience, users are greeted by the cheering Arsenal team and fans. Users can watch and watch all players come to life during the WebAR experience.

After this, users can choose to enter a competition for a chance to win a signed jersey by the 1st team of Arsenal or an Arsenal x Lavazza coffee machine at a discount.

2.Volvo | S60 Launch

Volvo teamed up with studio VZ lab for the launch of the new Volvo S60. 8th wall allows customization of the car’s colors, wheels and interior in the WebAR experience, and users can easily schedule a test drive and chat with an expert.

It is even possible to view the potential costs in the financing simulation. The informative and accurate information that can be displayed through WebAR has created a successful experience for both user and manufacturer.

Volvo’s WebAR example has led to more attention for the S60. However, Volvo is not the first in the automotive sector to use this technique to promote products. Toyota, Mini cooper & Porsche have also used Webar to promote their new model.

3.Victoria | Day of the dead

Victoria used WebAR to create an unforgettable experience around the annual Day of the Dead holiday. Scan the label on the bottles and small works of art will appear in the theme of the holiday.

The packs of six and twelve beer bottles all contain a unique work of art per bottle. By scanning two bottles at the same time, a combination of different works of art is created.

The campaign was created in collaboration with Groove Jones, the experience has been featured on several sites and has been viewed over 1 million times on their website.

4. JBL | WebAR Product Visualization

JBL wanted to highlight the soundbars extra by means of AR. Dept Agency developed a campaign to visualize the soundbar. They approached VR-Owl with the request to develop the WebAR together with the Dept Agency. To view the soundbar in AR, users can go to the JBL website and view a 3D model of the soundbar.

By tapping anywhere on the screen, the user places the soundbar somewhere in his or her experience world, and the soundbar can be moved and rotated according to the user’s wishes.

With this new feature, JBL makes it easier for customers to choose the color and size of the soundbar. They can now visualize the product and see it in their own environment, which will help them make a choice.

5. Pink Floyd | Concert in WebAR

In of our favourite WebAR examples British tech studio Draw & Code has developed an augmented reality experience that brings Pink Floyd fans closer to a selection of Pink Floyd artworks. When you access the AR experience through your browser, you can choose between five iconic albums.

Select a location in the room where you are and animations will appear as the band starts playing. You can completely walk around the band and experience the performance from every angle.

The campaign received a lot of attention on Facebook, a video on Pink Floyd’s account about the augmented reality filter was liked more than 10,000 times.

6. Miller Lite | St Patrick’s Day

Open your can of beer, go to the Miller Lite website and scan the logo on the can to start the WebAR experience. A gnome jumps up and the little guy has some tricks up his sleeve.

The gnome can play the flute, get a can of beer from his beard and even conjure up a snake. After this it is possible to take a photo and it is easy to share via the share button. The campaign was only active for 2 days, on Saint Patrick’s weekend.

The campaign had a 28% engagement rate, 93% of the users viewed the full experience, the sessions lasted an average of 3 minutes and the re-engagement rate was 75%. There was even a 25% increase in user preference over Guinness, the competitor.

7. Jaguar Land Rover | Range Rover Velar Visualization

Jaguar-Land Rover has started a campaign with Blippar for the launch of the new Range Rover Velar. In this campaign, customers can get into the driver’s seat of the new Range Velar from anywhere without downloading an app.

The user can view the car in 360 ° and adjust the color and upholstery to his own taste. The user can also see the environment in which he is located from the new Range Rover. It is even possible to request a test drive during the WebAR experience.

The average residence time in the WebAR experience is 121 seconds. It also appears that this campaign is performing 15 times better than other comparable cases within the automotive industry.  This makes a great WebAR example in terms of engament.

8. Sony | sequel Jumanji: The Next Level

For the release of the highly anticipated sequel to the movie “Jumanji: The Next Level”, Sony teamed up with Trigger. Dwayne “The rock” Johnson welcomes you and after a speech you can explore different locations from the film.

Jumanji fans can discover new levels of gameplay in an immersive environment throughout the experience. By voice commands like “go to the fortress!” you can delve deeper into the locations and with a share button the experience is easy to share via social media.

It was a special campaign because this was the first commercial WebAR campaign where voice control is possible. Partly because of this technology, this campaign has become a finalist in the “best campaign” category of the auggie awards.

The campaign received a lot of attention and that resulted in very positive figures such as an average dwell time of 5+ minutes, which is 2.5 times higher than the average within this industry.

9. Subway | launch of Ciabatta Collection

For the launch of Subway’s new Ciabatta sandwiches, they partnered with to create a WebAR advertising campaign. By clicking on a post from Subway’s social media channels, people can see a 3D model of one of the three new Ciabatta sandwiches, which they can then rotate and enlarge.

By using photogrammetry, these sandwiches have been captured photo-realistically and the viewers can get a good impression of their upcoming lunch.

This is the first time that a multinational company Apple and Google apply web-based AR technology in 1 experience.

10. Coca-Cola | Animated stories in AR

You activate this campaign by scanning the label of a can of Coca-Cola. When you do this you will see one of the twelve possible stories.

In these stories, animated characters get a little conflict and the solution at the end of each story is to share a Coca-Cola can. Above the can at the end of each story are inspiring and cheerful sentences such as “let’s enjoy our passion together”.

This augmented reality experience was made possible by Timber, a vfx studio that took care of all visual aspects of the campaign. They have created compelling stories to improve the consumer experience and therefore last longer.

11. Samsung | WebAR Product Launch

In this WebAR example Samsung and their media partners worked together to create a unique live streaming experience. She made a live WebAR product demonstration. In the WebAR experience, viewers can view Samsung’s new range completely in 3D.

The viewers of the livestream could scan QR codes during the livestream, so that the new products, with unique animations, came into view and could be viewed from all angles. They can do this from any location, for example from the living room to see if it fits well with the interior.

The experience could be seen during the live stream from Berlin. The experience was made possible by Aircards, a premier partner of 8th wall.

The results were very positive, the experience had 1352 activations, 26% engagement rate, 2m 43s mean dwell time when viewing products and 293% more engagement than previous year events.

12. Amazon | Halloween surprise

Amazon wants people to revive their creativity at the time of Covid-19, they have started a creative and interactive campaign. The customer receives their order in the box as usual, but now there is a pumpkin on the side that the customer can personalize.

When the customer scans the QR code, their own drawn pumpkin comes to life. The user can even personalize their own drawn pumpkin online and use it as a face filter.

The boxes are used for all shipments across North America and the app has been downloaded across the continent. The launch of a dedicated AR app indicates that this is just the beginning for Amazon’s AR plans. The company previously announced that they plan to use this technology more often for marketing purposes.

13. OnePlus | Example of product launch with WebAR

OnePlus is the first company to organize a full-fledged AR event. She showed the new OnePlus Nord in a live stream with 3D models and a virtual avatar. Viewers were able to check out features and detailed specifications of the new smartphone.

They could also share and comment on the launch with their own avatar. The company sent event invitations to 50,000 people, including QR codes, to see event teasers and participate in the event.

More than a hundred thousand people watched the live-streamed event worldwide. Oneplus is considering using AR in the future to launch their campaigns to engage target audiences, especially during COVID where major conventions and launches are not possible.

14. Mcdonald’s | BringHalloweenHome

For Halloween, McDonald’s Canada wanted to advertise in a special way. They have posted a yellow McDelivery door on their mobile website. You can activate the WebAR experience by “knocking” on the door just like on Halloween during “trick-or-treating”.

When you do this the door opens and you see a virtual world to explore, then an exclusive McDelivery offer becomes available. The user can take pictures of the interactive “trick-or-treat” environment that is easy to share on social media with the share button.

By working with 8th wall they want to launch more and better quality WebAR campaigns. Available from 1,000 Mc restaurants across Canada, the campaign has been viewed some 120,000 times.

15. Burger King | MTV Video Music Awards

WebAR Example Burger King

Burger King organized a sweepstakes at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) where viewers were asked to scan a QR code with their smartphone camera. When they do this, they get to see an AR experience in which 3D models of the mascot of the burger chain and the rapper Lil Yachty.

Together they appear pre-show on the red carpet and during the awards ceremony. The viewers can also experience an AR performance by lil yachty by scanning the QR codes.

The purpose of the marketing campaign was to generate more downloads of the Burger King app. That is why Burger King has linked an action to the experience, when you scan a QR code you will see various offers that you can redeem in the app.

They also gave away bigger prizes, such as free citizens for 1 year and tickets to the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards which makes this one of the best ar marketing campaigns.

16. Siduri Wines | AR Storytelling

Siduri Wines partnered with Rock Paper Reality to create an extraordinary webAR experience. When you scan the QR code on one of the wine bottles you start a WebAR experience in which a 3D model of the owner of Siduri, Adam Lee, tells you about the rich history of the brand.

Through this campaign, Siduri wants to break the prejudice that wine should be serious and for the rich. The friction remains low and the experience is available to everyone because you do not have to download an app.

By using the 8th wall it is possible to scan a curved label (on the wine bottle) and thus activate the WebAR experience. This is the first campaign to use this technique.

17. Nike | AR AirMax Cloud

In collaboration with AKQA São Paulo, Nike has set up an AR experience to promote their new Air Max 2090 sneakers. The user can access stories from various inspiring music and dance artists by pointing the phone at the sky and tapping the clouds in the shape of the Air Max 2090. The stories try to inspire and motivate young people from all over the country from home.

Nike achieved a 32% increase in Air Max sales and a 22% increase in website visits during this AR experience. AR marketing shows that even at a time when everyone is usually in, it can help brighten the day.

18. Red Bull | Win With Ninja

WebAR Example Redbull

The world’s largest energy drink brand Red Bull has partnered with the most watched Twitch streamer and influencer, Ninja. You can start the Augmented Reality Experience via the Red Bull website.

When you do this you will see a 3D animated version of the streamer. You can adjust Ninja its size and place it where you want. Ninja can assume different positions and poses with the user to take pictures. The best photo wins a limited edition Red Bull can with the animated Ninja on it.

The result was very good and the campaign has received a lot of attention. “Ninja” uploaded a video about the collaboration, which has been viewed more than 5 million times and received 189,000 likes. Red Bull has also uploaded a video about it, which has been viewed more than 200,000 times.

19. Pot noodles | Virtual career fair

Pot noodles came to schools annually to offer jobs to graduate students, but Covid-19 unfortunately couldn’t do that this year. What was intended as a live event with a wide selection of employers for graduates turned into a virtual live event this year.

The Pot noodles website will direct you to the WebAR experience. At this live event, each employer has its own personalized stand that students could place in their living room or backyard. Each stand has a TV on which a video can be seen to introduce the work, after which the option to apply will become available.

The videos gave the students a good impression of the potential activities. This virtual career fair has been watched by students all over the country and the average session lasted more than 6 minutes.

20. Dell | Immersive Portal

Our last WebAR Examples features Dell which rolled out a WebAR campaign with Aircards to create a 360 degree experience for Dell in the Middle East. Because the expos and conferences are not possible, dell cannot promote its products to customers, but this WebAR experience makes that possible.

The user scans the code and after a “tap-to-place” a virtual room appears. The user walks into the virtual room and is in a private exhibition of the latest Dell products.

More and more innovative brands such as Dell are starting to use Augmented Reality techniques, in order to be able to present unique ideas remotely during Covid-19.

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