The 18 best AR Marketing Advertising Campaigns

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Augmented reality offers a great way for brands and companies to create enaging marketing experiences for advertising campaings. In this overview you’ll find plenty inspring AR advertising examples for your next campaign.

1.Verizon | 5G built right for Snapchat

Verizon teamed up with the band The Black Puma’s and Snapchat on the ‘5G Built Right for Snapchat’ campaign. Their lead singer performed in AR in front of the New York Public Library.

The aim of the promotion was the 5G network and new snapchat features. Verizon customers with 5G smartphones were able to attend the AR concert on location by scanning the building through Snapchat’s landmark filter. Lead singer Eric Burtons appears and performs the hitsong “Colors” while the building and landschape is enriched with an array of colors and flowers. 

The campaign combines 5G, location-based content in an awesome collaboration with one of the best bands of 2020 rocking it’s way to our top 10.

3. Lucasfilm | Mandalorian AR Marketing Campaign

Studio Lucasfilm developed an AR app to promote the second season of the popular Disney+ series “The Mandalorian”.  The app allows you visualize some awesome characters from the hit series.

In the experience, you can reenact the best moments of Mando and Baby Yoda from Season 1 in your living room. The erxperience makes use of the newest AR tech, enriching the enviroment with snow and other special effect while find yourself on the planets from the Star Wars universe. 

The photo mode allows you can easily capture the scenes and share them with friends make it a very share-worthy experience. The Mandolarion fights his way into our top 10 using out of this world tech. 

3. The Weeknd | TikTok Event

Canadian artist The Weeknd is the first to use TikTok for an augmented reality concer, in collaboration with WAVE, a start-up for XR concerts.

To promote the new album After Hours, TikTok offered a fully digital live experience with scenes changing with each song. Users could choose the scenes by voting and share comments which where displayed live in the surroundings.

The hashtag #TheWeekndEXP had 1.3 billion views and the concert raised more than 350,000 euros for a good cause. Next to the most played song of 2020 The Weeknd also has one of the coolest AR experience earning a well deserved spot in this overview.

4. The Pokemon Company | AR Product Promotion

The Pokémon Company has created “Pokémon Smile” AR app to teach children to brush their teeth properly and regularly using one of it’s most beloved characters. 

Using face tracking the kids are outfitted with a cute Pikachu hat and by brushing your teeth properly, you save Pokémons from cavity-causing bacteria. The app allows you to catch more than 100 Pokémon.

The app has more than 500,000 downloads, over 7,500 five-star reviews and was reviewed by tons of YouTubers. Pikachu brushes the competion aside and earns it’s spot nice and clean.

5. Malibu | Street AR Advertising

Malibu has teamed up with GoSpooky to create an AR game as part of the summer campaign, “A Bit of Sunshine”. Malibu Tropical Parkour, uses Snapchat’s AR Marker Tech and was developed to promote the new Bacardi Limon.

This technology allows billboards, product packaging and buildings to be transformed into AR animations and games. When scanning Malibu’s abri ads, users play a game where they avoid all kinds of tropical objects and gathering power-ups. Your high score can easily be shared with friends via the Snapchat.

A classic side scroller game which makes waiting for the bus a whole lot of fun and makes this a great case for our list. 

6. Nike | AR Product Promotion

Nike has set up an AR experience in collaboration with AKQA São Paulo. The AR experience was created to promote Nike’s sneakers. 

The experience is accessible through a mobile website. Once the phone is aimed at the sky, users can find a sneakers shape like a cloud which gives access to stories from different music and dance artists who try to inspire young people. 

This campaign generated 32% more sales of the model and 22% more visitors to the website during this AR experience. A original campaign with great result floating it’s way into our top 10.

7. Marz Brewing Company | AR Packaging

Marz Brewing Company partners with M1-Interactive to a AR packaging experience to promote their new IPAbeers.

There are four different beers, each with its own standard music style and three different samples. Users can mix each of the tracks individually or play the four together.  You can even add effects and share your jams via social media. 

This tasty campaign makes drinking beer even more fun and rightfully earns it’s place in our top 10.

8. Sony | Movie Promotion

Sony Pictures, in partnership with mixed reality agency Trigger, has created a WebAR experience to promote the second part: Jumanji, The Next Level.

The players are literally pulled into the game, select their avatar and use voice command to explore the world. Discovering exclusive behind the scene content with the characters from the movie.

The first WebAR campaign to use speech recognition which provides a whole of content, without an app. Welcome to the top 10!

9 Oneplus | OnePlus Nord Launch

OnePluslaunched their new flagship phone ‘Nord’ during an augmented reality event which was broadcasted live via an app.

The event was hosted on augmented reality stage and ‘Nord’ was shown in 3D which allowed user to view it from all angles. At one point an exploded view was shown which really highlighted the depth that AR brings. After launch users could explore and check out features and detailed specifications of the new smartphone.

It is the first launch event entirely via AR and more than 100,000 people watched the live-streamed. A great way to launch a flagship product, Nord heads up north and claims the last spot in our top 10.

10. BON V!V | Out of Home AR Advertising

Bon and Viv, a hard seltzer company, worked with Aircards, a WebAR agency, to create an out-of-home WEB AR retail advertising campaign across Los Angeles and San Diego. 

When you access the AR experience, a 3D vending machine overlays in the real world and allows people to select their favorite drink. 

With additional features, consumers could buy the drink from a nearby store or order it online to have it delivered to homes in a few hours.

11. Doritos | AR Product Promotion

Back in July 2021, Pepico launched an AR marketing campaign throughout the UK called “Make Your Play” to attract music fans to attend the UK’s famous festival, Strawberries and Creem. 

After scanning, a play button in the shape of a Dorito chip is placed in the surroundings. Once activated, Doritos unlocked a 250 day ticket through DICE, a ticket-selling website.  

As a result, all the prized items were distributed within the time span of six weeks.

12. Pizza Hut - AR Product Packaging

One of the most renowned brands, Pizza Hut, launched an AR campaign “Newstalgia” (New+Nostalgia). The campaign introduced a series of limited-edition pizza boxes with QR codes that allowed people to scan and play Pac-Man. 

On scanning the QR code on the box, a PAC-MAN AR (Augmented Reality) version of the iconic game is revealed.

13. Christian Dior’s B27 | AR Sneakers

To create excitement for the addition of B27 sneakers to the menswear lineup, the fashion brand, Christian Dior partnered with snapchat to create an AR try-on filter. 

The snap AR filter allowed people to try on six pairs of B27 sneakers in the real world using their smartphone. Moreover, they had the option of buying the shoes directly from there. 

The Social AR-lens filter generated more than 2.4 million views.

14. Invesco - AR Sport Promotion

Investment Management firm, Invesco, released an AR experience, QQQ Hoops in partnership with NBA’s Grant Hill for basketball fans. 

The campaign was launched on Invesco’s social media channels, allowing people to scan a digital QR code. 

After scanning the digital code, the fans see the Augmented Reality virtual net into their homes. Each fan is then awarded a $10,000 of in-game currency, and they get 30 seconds to get as many baskets as they can, which provides them with additional dollars.

When the time ends, players are given the digital currency which they earned in total, and how much that would have been worth in case it was invested through Invesco QQQ ETF ten years ago.

15. Estee Lauder - AR Advertising Campaing

To attract GenZ and millennials towards its newest Luxury Fragrance Collection, Estee Lauder created a Snapchat AR campaign

The makeup brand selected four brands from its luxury collection: Tender Light, Sensuous Stars, Dream Dusk and Radiant Mirage. 

When the AR filter is activated, Snapchat users will see all four brands appear in front of them. Once the users pick the perfume, they are taken on an immersive experience highlighting emotions and inspirations behind the perfume.

16. Diageo - AR Packaging Campaign

Every year, Diageo launches its special edition whiskies. Last year, the collection of aged and rare whiskies were launched under the banner ‘Legends Untold.’

The AR experience allowed consumers to travel into an immersive movie showcasing various mythical creatures, such as The Lion’s Fire, The Lion’s Jewel, and The Spring Stallion, to name a few. 

The AR experience attracted a new generation of tech-savvy scotch connoisseurs.

17. Schuh 'Schuh Sneaker Hunt'

To encourage students and families to have fun outside, the UK’s shoe retailer, Schuh, came up with the social campaing , “Schuh Sneaker Hunt.”

The campaign allowed people to download the game by scanning the QR codes from the brands’ stores or OOH digital platforms located across key locations – Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, and London.

The campaign went live across various other platforms such as Twitch, Reddit, and Roblox and gave players a chance to win more than 40,000 prizes.

18. Resse’s Puffs - KAWPUFFS

KAWS Reese’s Puffs boxes open AR cereal portals to the future – SlashGear

General Mills, manufacturer of corn-based breakfast cereal, Resse’s Puffs teamed up with iconic artist KAWS to launch limited-edition boxes named KAWPUFFS with an AR game.

The boxes come with QRCode. Once scanned, the AR game unveils a virtual portal in your living room that you can enter. On entering, you will find KAWS’s COMPANION figure, where you must demolish the falling crunch as they continue to fall from the sky. 

The weekly competition, which started back in November last year, will continue till February. The top players with the highest scores will get exclusive blue-colored KAWPUFFS boxes. 

So there you have it. Some of the best ar marketing campaings from global brands. Interested in getting started with AR for your company? Get in touch!

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