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An interactive brand experience for your socials?

Discover the impact of augmented reality via Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

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What is Social AR?

With Social AR you experience interactive content such as face filters, 3D animations and games directly through your social channels.

How does Social AR work?

Open the Social AR activation from the app or an external website. View the content at lightning speed and enrich the physical world with digital experiences.

Advantages of Social AR

When to use social AR?

Augmented Reality for social media is used for campaigns where you want to reach a large group quickly and cheaply with an interactive brand experience.

Social AR features

Face Filters
Add 3D elements and animations that respond to your face and work on any mobile device.

3D animations
Interactive 3D content and animations. Place them in the world and create unique interactions or games.

Enrichment of physical media
Use your image, logo or outdoor advertising to activate social AR or bring your packaging to life.

Interactive games with brand elements. Achieve the highest score and challenge your friends via social media.

Discover the possibilities of Social AR for your brand

Our Social AR Campaigns

Dozens of social AR campaigns for brands and agencies across Europe.

Opel – Masked Singer AR-filter

This social AR campaign focuses on the winner of the German version of the masked singer. The campaign invites fans to create creative Instagram reels to enter a contest.

KPN – Instagram & Facebook AR Filter

For a Christmas campaign of KPN we developed a social AR filter following the well-known TV campaign. Dress up yourself with a Santa hat and a pussycat and send your friends a unique video complete with snow and Christmas effects.

Fitbit – Social AR-filter

Check out the new Fitbit directly via Instagram and Facebook. Post the package and watch the product come to life in 3D. See the Fitbit from all angles, choose your own color and share your favorite configuration directly via social media.

Just Entertainment – Instagram AR-filter

To promote the board game, we created an augmented reality filter for Instagram where you have to defeat the monsters as fast as possible. In the game you will encounter 10 monsters directly from the board game.

FAQ about Social AR

Social AR filters work by opening the AR activation from an app or external website. You can quickly view content and enrich the real world with digital experiences.

It allows social media users to add 3D elements and animations that respond to your face, place interactive 3D content and animations in the world and activate social AR by using your image, logo or outdoor advertising.

Augmented reality filters can increase your brand’s engagement on social media by providing unique and interactive experiences that capture your audience’s attention.

By using augmented reality filters that react to the user’s face or environment, you can encourage your followers to create and share their own creative content, increasing your brand’s visibility and reach on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Augmented reality filters can be used to present new products in an engaging and interactive way.

You can develop augmented reality experiences that display a 3D model of your product so that users can view it from different angles and interact with it in their own environment.

This can help pique your audience’s interest and curiosity and encourage them to learn more about your new products.

AR content allows you to tell engaging stories that actively engage the audience.

By creating filters that respond to the user’s movements and facial expressions, you can make them feel part of the story with enhanced interaction.

This strengthens the emotional connection to your brand and encourages users to upload their own story experiences to your social augmented reality.

Filters with AR experiences can take digital events and entertainment to the next level by adding an extra dimension of interactivity and engagement.

By developing AR filters that respond to music, artist movements or audience reactions, you can create an immersive experience that visitors will remember for a long time.

This increases audience engagement and encourages them to share their experiences on various channels, such as facebook, instagram stories, youtube, snapchat and twitter.

Augmented reality filters can add an extra layer of interactivity and engagement to print and packaging materials.

With an AR filter triggered by your logo, image or packaging, you can unlock exclusive digital content such as 3D animations, games or special offers.

This increases the value of your print and packaging materials and encourages audiences to discover more about your products and services.

Curious about the possibilities of social AR?

Costs of Social AR

The lead time of an AR campaign for social media is several weeks. This includes coming up with the concept, several delivery moments and the launch. On average, a social AR campaign runs for several weeks to months.

Development time social AR

The lead time for an AR campaign for social media is several weeks. This includes coming up with the concept, multiple delivery moments and launch. On average, a social AR campaign runs for a few weeks to months.

On which smartphones does social AR work?

You can use Social AR filters on any device that uses a social media account such as Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat.

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