Sandbox teams up with Tony Hawk and Autograph to create the Tony Hawk Land

The virtual metaverse platform, Sandbox, is partnering with pro-skateboarder, Tony Hawk, and the NFT platform, Autograph, to create Tony Hawk Land and voxel NFTs of the skateboarders for skaters and gamers to trade inside the metaverse

Who is Tony Hawk?

Nicknamed “Birdman,” Tony Hawk is an American professional skateboarder who is known for his famous 900-degree aerial spin trick, which he performed on the skateboard ramp at the X Games 1999. The legendary skateboarder unveiled his plan on Twitter, saying that he has partnered with Sandbox to build “the largest skatepark ever made.”

In a blog post on Medium, Tony said, “I have been a fan of new technology all of my life — from the first videogames and home computers with CGI capabilities — so I am fascinated by the metaverse, and excited to bring our culture into the virtual landscape of The Sandbox.”

The largest virtual skatepark in Sandbox

According to a video and a blog post by Sandbox, the ‘Tony Hawk Land’ will be built on a 6*6 plot of land, which is sufficient for it to be coined as the biggest virtual skatepark in the metaverse. It has a similar resemblance to the “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” game series, consisting of various grind rails and skateparks. 

As per the agreement, the NFT platform Autograph will create NFTs and avatars based on Tony Hawk as well as his most iconic skateboard and clothing. For example, the T-shirt that he wore during the X Games in 1999.

Although no details have been shared by any of the companies on the launch of the skatepark metaverse or the NFTs, PlaytoEarn states that the metaverse will not only have a marketplace to sell skateboards but also would allow users to create the skateboard of their dreams using game maker software.

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