UNIQLO | Encourage Creativity

UNIQLO starts a series of initiatives to decrease environmental waste and support hawker culture, where people from over singapore gather at hawker centres to dine and bond over hawker food, which are prepared by hawkers. The brand has created exhibition displays and augmented reality murals at UNIQLO stores. 

The unique AR technology, partnered with local artists, provides an interactive experience by pointing their mobile phones at the mural. Customers can also unlock face filters on Instagram after scanning the AR mural, granting them access to take selfies with various hawker art. UNIQLO also wants to educate the masses and create awareness on hawker culture through iconic T-shirts and diverse ways of increasing sustainability locally.

The company is looking to further their efforts into environmental waste, combined with newly released AR technology. UNIQLO will continue to collaborate with local artists to expand its arsenal in augmented reality.

Tech: AR
Collaboration: MeshMinds
Branche: Retail

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