Tomorrowland | Pāpiliōnem

The Tomorrowland festival in Belgium draws close to half a million people to its grounds annually, making it one of the biggest in the world. Due to Covid, the 2020 edition of the festival was move  and took place completely online in collaboration with multiple agencies, 200 employees, and 60 artists. 

The digital festival featured more than 8 stages, fully designed in 3D by Tomorrowlands teams. Over 60 artists were filmed using greenscreens and superimposed over the 3D world. Using state of the art (virtual) camera’s directors had full control over the experience and camerawork. Providing a live virtual event which rivaled any real life registration. 

Weekendpasses were made available for 20 euro’s which gave users access to artists like Armen van Buuren, Steve Aoki and even a live concert from Kate Perry. Over a million people attended via their mobile, laptop and VR headset. Making the digital event even busier than the physical one, thus keeping fans engaged and longing for the next edition. 





Brand: Tomorrowland
Tech: Virtual Reality
Collaboration: DogStudio 
Branche: Music

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