The Weeknd | #TheWeekndEXP

Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd is the first artist to use TikTok for an augmented reality concert. ‘The Weeknd Experience was done in collaboration with WAVE, a VR concert start-up.

Providing a fully digital live experience with numerous ways for fans to interact and keep them engaged throughout the 5 songs performed. Not only did the scenes change with each song; users could choose the scenery through voting and provide comments which were incorporated into the environment after each song.

The experience drew a virtual crowd of over 2 million unique visitors, raising the bar for augmented music experiences. At its peak 275 thousand were watching, the #TheWeekndEXP hashtag got 1.3 billion views and the concert raised over 350 thousand euro’;

Brand: The Weeknd
Tech: Augmented reality
Collaboration: Wave
Branche: Music

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