The Royal Mint | Unearth history from coins

Royal Mint and the Natural History Museum teamed up to bring prehistoric creatures to the present. The Royal Mint produces collectible coins which now are enriched with AR creatures from the past.

With the use of the Royal Mint AR app, users scan the marker on the packaging of the coins to activate the experience. In the app, users learn about the discovery of the Megalosaurus, see images of the Iguanodons and view clips of a Hylaeosaurus in AR. All in combination with facts and information about the dinosaurs such as height, length and the fossilised remains. 

The app already has more than a 1000 downloads and it has been out for less than a month. Coin collectors are excited to get their hands on these coins and are comparing it to Jurassic Park.

Brand: The Royal Mint
Tech: Augmented Reality
Collaboration: Natural History Museum
Branche: Education

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