Northrop Grumman | AR Space Portal

Northrop Grumman created a portal to space using augmented reality technology. The application shows users how to refuel or repair a satellite while still orbiting around earth. A voiceover explains how Mission Extension Pods operate and how it increases the lifespan of a sattelite.

Using a mobile device to access the Portals to Space website offers a virtual window 22,000 miles (35.000 km) above Earth. The experience consists of an incoming animated spaceship and a connected voiceover that discusses the satellite rescue operation. The application also deploys the Mission Robotic Vehicle which, as it swings by at 17,000 mph (27.000 km), stretches its antennas, solar panels, and guiding system, commencing the mission.

Services involving space have been on the rise in the last few years due to an increase in the amount of satellite launches from private companies or government agencies. Mobile AR usage grows to more than 1 billion users this year, delivering a smoother experience coupled with 5G internet, attracting potential marketeers.

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Brand: Northrop Grumman
Tech: Augmented Reality
Collaboration: DenstuMB, Isobar
Branch: Education

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