AT&T | How is life over at AT&T?

AT&T has partnered with Groove Jones for the creation of a hub with multiple videos. The purpose of the videos is to showcase and inform potential candidates about the numerous development programs at AT&T.

Users of the experience get to see what life is like working at AT&T. They can visit different locations and meet some of the people that work there. Next to the VR videos there are also several 2D videos to highlight some programs that AT&T offers. Also included in the experience is an AT&T locations map and even easter eggs that display AT&T’s value pillars.

The experience is used at different events like career fairs and information sessions to allow students to explore AT&T as a workplace. Showing that VR is a great way for recruitment and employee branding when everyone is mostly at home.

Brand: AT&T
Tech: Virtual Reality
Collaboration: Groove Jones
Branch: Education

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