Google | Explore your searches in AR

Make learning fun. That is Google’s goal with the introduction of augmented reality in the Google search app. In cooperation with Visible Body and BioDigital, Google visualises your searches for a closer look in 3D.

Explore 11 human body systems, turn your home into a museum or get a magnified view of our microscopic world. The new AR function allows users to get a 3D version of their searches to inspect up close simply by tapping ‘view in 3D’. Bring a 3D cell into your space to zoom in, rotate and view the details about its different components. Record what you are searching for and share it easily with friends and family. 

Google’s post about the new feature got over 40.000 likes and people have shared over 2500 posts on instagram with #google3d where you can see all kinds of creative use of the new feature.

Brand: Google
Tech: Augmented Reality
Collaboration: Visible Body & BioDigital
Branch: Education

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