Arby’s | National French Fry Day

Arby’s developed a web app that lets customers identify the type of fry by recording them. The company also offers discounts in-app after utilizing their AI fueled AR tool. 

The brand introduced an AI powered web app that lets users identify, discover the quality and attributes of their snack by snapping a picture.The app has been developed to attract consumers to a new Arby’s product, the permanent addition of the crinkle type. The web app also detects the crinkle type or a traditional type of french fry and it identifies the type they’re eating. 

The integrated application could possibly lead to a wider audience, increasing engagement rate, satisfaction and e-mail applicants. Arby’s post on Instagram already reached over 115.000 views, growing their follower count.

Brand: Arby’s
Tech: AI
Collaboration: N/A

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