Acute art | AR Exhibition

Acute Art and Dazed Media have turned Unreal City, London’s largest open festival, into an AR exhibition. This exhibition is available to anyone who downloads the app and is available until February 9th.

Due to the new measures in the United Kingdom, people can no longer take to the streets to see these art installations. Acute art and Dazed media have made these artworks available to place in your living room via an app in AR. The 36 works of art that normally line the Thames can now be viewed in a safe location.

Users cantheir own exhibition curate by placing and sharing different artworks in their living rooms via #unrealcity and #acuteart.The app has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times, so you can speak of a successful campaign.

Brand: Acute art
Tech: Augmented reality
Branche: Art

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