NL in Business – Virtual Gateway NL

NL in Business Virtual Gateway NLinBusiness NLinBusiness is an initiative of VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland aimed at supporting the Dutch business community in realising its international ambitions. Virtual Gateway The virtual gateway application is a VR showcase of integrated Dutch solutions. The aim is to stimulate matchmaking and trade missions with foreign companies and […]

ABC Bemmel | VR Dreammap

The ABC Bemmel app is a virtual reality experience that will be used by therapists of ABC Bemmel as a tool to facilitate treatments.

Blygold | Coating VR Training

VR Owl Blygold

Industry: Industrial Maintenance Technology: Virtual RealityApplication: Training Solution VR Owl developed a VR training application for the Oculus Quest. The student learns to apply a protective layer with a special paint sprayer. This so-called “coating” is a precise process where distance, angle and timing are important for optimal results. The training application consists of three parts; the […]

SOMA Company Training | Multiplayer Safety Training

Industry: ConstructionTechnology: Virtual RealityApplication: Safety training Solution Together with SOMA we developed a virtual reality application for safety training on the construction site that consists of three parts. The student and trainer are together in the virtual environment, can see and communicate with each other through speech and hand gestures. The trainer can therefore see […]

Welling Architects | The Natural Station VR-Tour

VR Owl Welling Architects

Welling Architects was looking for a unique way to present their circular station of the future at the Dutch Design Week 2020. They asked VR U to present the circular station of the future via a 360° tour.

USAR | Earthquake VR Training

We created a VR training for USAR where different earthquake scenarios can be simulated. The trainer can determine the impact (scale of Richter) and time of day.