Steenmannetje op Fietse – Nature Route Enrichment

Industry: TourismTechnology: VR & ARUse: Entertainment Links: Android & iOs Question Toeplah is a bond of entrepreneurs in the tourism branch. They are active in the municipality of Aa and Hunze in Drenthe. In collaboration with the Geopark de Hondsrug foundation, Toeplah wants to develop five innovative children’s cycle routes with AR & VR activities. They […]

Toblerone – In Store Product Game

For the famous Chocolate brand we designed an in-store AR experience. Using well known brand elements in an easy, kid-friendly game. Driving more customers to the store, having them spend more time and more money.

Terberg Benschop – Remote Diagnosis & Maintenance

Industry: AutmotiveTechnology: Augmented RealityUse: Remote Support Question Terberg Benschop is a supplier of special vehicles. They make vehicles for a wide range of applications, modified to the wishes of the customer. The customer is often not aware of the ins and outs of the vehicle. If it breaks, they cannot diagnose what is broken, so an […]

Sealtec – Swimming Pool Configuration

Industry: Swimming poolsTechnology: Augmented RealityUse: Visualisation Link: Andoid Question Sealtec specializes in waterproofing swimming pools, swimming ponds, buffer basins and irrigation basins.They have 15 years of experience in sustainable waterproofing products. Waterproofing products can be ordered in many colors, but due to the addition of water in a swimming pool, the color can often look different […]

Schiphol Airport Retail – In Store Games

Industry: RetailTechnology: Augmented RealityUse: Productmarketing Question The airport. A place filled with excitement as well as stress. It is busy place. People are in a hurry or have all the time in the world. The stores of the Dutch airport, Schiphol, are sometimes missed in the haste. Therefore Schiphol Airport Retail wished to add something […]

Teylingen – Visual Teaching

Industry: EducationTechnology: Augmented RealityUse: Application & CMS Links: Android & iOs Question Teylingen College is an institution that focuses on practical education.They are always looking for ways to make teaching easier, more fun and more interesting. In collaboration with a few technical schools, a Technology Hotspot has been established where students can learn about the latest techniques such […]

JBL- WebAR Product Visualisation

  In collaboration with Dept Agency Industry: AudiosystemTechnology: ARUse: Visualisation Question JBL has recently launched a new Soundbar serie. From now on, consumer can enjoy exquisite music and films where every war cry, every sword fight and drum roll can be heard. For the promotion of the new Soundbar serie, Dept Agency has created a […]

D vd Steen – Construction Plans Visualisation

  Collaboration with D. van der Steen Industry: ConstructionTechnology: Augmented RealityUse: Visualisation Link: Android Question The Singel, the canal near Utrecht Vredenburg,  has been out of the picture for some time now. Many see it as a big loss. For this reason the municipality of Utrecht wanted to restore the Singel to its former glory. This caused […]

Nohnik – Green Energy Stakeholder Communication

Industry: ArchitectureTechnology: ARKitUse: Visualisation Question Would it be possible to already show the end result of a project  during the starting phase? In this time; definitely. The architecture company Nohnik created ten different scenarios for generating sustainable energy. To simplify the decision process for the scenarios Nohnik wanted to visualize their plans. Solution Nohnik came […]

Olssen – Augmented E-commerce

Industry: FurnitureTechnology: AR applicationUse: Visualisation Question Olssen is a Dutch company that has been selling lockers in all kind of sizes and colours since 2004. When customers wish to buy a locker they first want to be sure it fits the available space and the interior. To simplify this process Olssen wished to create an […]