KPN – Instagram & Facebook AR filter

VR owl Kpn reclame kat

Industry: TelecomTechnology: Social ARApplication: Product promotion Question KPN launches the renewed Wifi Manager with a campaign by DentsuAchtung. The idea behind the campaign is that wifi should always work and that customers with the KPN Wifi Manager always have a good connection. Besides online video and TV, KPN also uses online display, radio and (D)OOH for […]

Borrasca – Product Relaunch AR Filter

Borasca AR filter | VR owl

Industry: Food & Beverage Technology: Social AR Application: Product promotion Question Borrasca is a Spanish producer of various wine products such as Prosecco and Cava. In 2021 the wine bottles will have a new design for a fresh new look. To promote the restyling, Borrasca deployed various communication tools. To match the modern look and feel, […]

Just Entertainment – Language Heroes AR Filter

Language Heroes AR filter

Industry: Entertainment Technology: Social ARApplication: Product promotion Question Just Entertainment is an entertainment company founded in 2003. Their mission is to tell stories to entertain a wide audience through diverse platforms such as games, videos and books. This year’s program included major releases; among them, the board game “Language Heroes of the Game Forest. Result During the […]

Royal Dutch Mint | Herman Brood 75

VR Owl Herman Brood AR

Royal Dutch Mint – Herman Brood 75 The Royal Dutch Mint Since 1567, the Royal Dutch Mint (KNM) has been the producer of Dutch coinage. It is an innovative, international company in value products, rooted in more than 450 years of tradition. The company annually mintes issues in memory of famous deceased Dutch people Commemoration […]

Ranja | WebAR Game

Ranja AR 1

Ranja is back with a new campaign. Ranja was looking for a way to bring the cheerfulness form the commercial into the living room of the consumer.

True Ideas, Unilever, AH & Unilever & Postcode Loterij | Vega Favorites

Branch: Retail Technology: WebAR Application: Productmarketing The execution Gaston in AR First of all, Gaston was made into a 3D model based on photos. Gaston had to walk past the dishes so the movements must look realistic. By using a motion capture suit , Xsens was able to make a good animation, for example of the movements […]

Burgernet | 360 degree promo video

VR Owl Burgernet

Branch: Government Technology: 360 degree video Platform: YouTube & cardboard VR Application: Storytelling Solution In a 360 degree video the viewer experiences a theft from close by. This creates an impact with viewers and we make the effect of the Burgernet app tangible. As the video progresses, the viewer sees how the Burgernet App helps catching […]

Municipality of Rotterdam | AR experience Zalmhaven

Branch: New construction Technology: Augmented reality Application: Visualization Links: Playstore & App store Question The Zalmhaven in Rotterdam is the newest eye-catcher in the Scheepvaartkwartier. They will be the highest residential towers in the Benelux with a height of approximately 215 meters. The Municipality of Rotterdam has set up an experiment. They wanted to use augmented reality […]

Fugro | Remote expert

Fugro | Remote expert Industry: Offshore Technology: Augmented Reality Use: Remote expert The client Fugro is a Geo-data specialist who collects advanced information about the subsurface and structures. This data is used, for example, for the construction of offshore wind farms or large infrastructure projects. The company is active worldwide and has more than 30 ships […]