BAM – Construction Site Safety

Industry: Construction Technology: 360° animation Use: Training Question BAM is a construction group active in Europe. The company initiates, develops, builds and maintains projects in the areas of living, working, transport and recreation. Safety comes first at BAM’s construction site. Construction workers often think lightly about everyday tasks, but if things go wrong the impact […]

Tech Data – Visualizing the Cloud

Industry: ICTTechnology: 360° videoUse: Productmarketing Question Every day there are new innovations on the horizon. Technological developments take place at an exponential pace. It goes so fast that we can hardly grasp and stay up to date to all these developments. This also applies to the cloud: one of the most important developments at the […]

ARAL – Gas Station of the Future

Industry: Petrol StationTechnology: 360° VideoUse: Corporate Storytelling / Visualisation Question Together with the Institute for Transport Research of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the German ARAL has conducted a study about mobility in 2040.  A look into this future shows that the need for mobility will continue to grow. The results of this study contain […]

NOS – VR from a distance with 5G

  In collaboration with Huawei & EventRent Industry: TelecomTechnology: Virtual RealityUse: Productmarketing Question NOS is one of the biggest media companies in Portugal. The media giant is developing the new 5G network in Portugal and wants to provide the residents with a sneak preview. They offer an experience that shows the advantages of 5G while focussing […]

Dynniq – Smart Mobility

Industry: Electronic ManufacturingTechnology: 360° videoUse: Productmarketing Question Dynniq enables safe, sustainable and efficient movement of people, data and goods. Dynniq helps to manage energy and mobility flows in our society through advanced technology solutions. One of those solutions is the Dynniq GreenFlow for Trucks service. This service provides smart support to truck drivers when navigating […]


Industry: ConstructionTechnology: 360° videoUse: Visualisation Question “Vrij Lokers Onderwijs voor jouw Toekomst” (VLOT!) is a school group in Belgium. They are renovating their secondary school building, which will go through some huge changes. The school will become unrecognizable for the former students and teachers. For this reason, the school was looking for a way to […]

Clever – Smart Device Training

Industry: ConsultancyTechnology: 360° videoUse: Training Question Clever is a consultancy agency that focuses on advising companies in the waste sector about software, business operations and IT. A lot of garbage trucks use paper in their work process for route lists and weighing notes. It is Clever’s goal to automate and therefore improve the work process. […]

Young & Holy

Industry: TourismTechnology: VR & ARUse: Corporate Storytelling Question Biblical lessons in a new way? Young & Holy is a Christian religion platform for youths where trends are explored based on religion. They came up with the concept of “Storyroom”, a product in which youths become part of a Bible story. They get confronted with dilemmas, […]

Baker Tilly – Rebranding & Internal Launch

Industry: ConsultancyTechnology: 360 VideoUse: Corporate Storytelling Question The accountancy and consultancy company Baker Tilly has grown a lot of over the past 20 years. Every new establishment that was formed used a local name. In the Netherlands the name “Baker Tilly Berk” was used. Baker Tilly wanted to change this to create a more cohesive global […]

Groene Hart Lyceum – Your New School in 360

Industry: Consultancy Technology: 360 Video Use: Visualisation Question The Dutch school “Groene Hart Lyceum” in Alphen aan den Rijn is being renovated. The school will go through a huge change which will make it unrecognizable. For this reason, the school was looking for a way to already show the new building to its students and […]