METSO – Interactive VR Product Visualization

Industry: Construction Technology: Virtual RealityPlatform: Mobile VR & Oculus QuestUse: VisualisationLinks: Android | Apple    Question Metso produces and recycles heavy machinery for the recycling industry. The company has expos around the globe and was looking for a cost effective and innovative way to to show, promote and sell their machines. Due to the large size […]

Terberg Installatietechniek – Engineering Visualiser

Industry: Installation Technology Technology: Virtual Reality Use: Visualisation Question Terberg Installatietechniek is a total installer from the Netherlands. For more than seventy years they have been helping people design reliable installations, installing, maintaining and providing good service. Terberg Installatietechniek was looking for a way to position its services in an innovative and impressive way. The […]

EHL – AR Product Visualiser

Industry: Manufacturing Technology: Augmented Reality Use: Visualisation Links: Android & iOs Question EHL is the German market leader in the production of concrete components for gardening and landscaping. They attach particular importance to environmentally friendly production, from the sustainable use of raw materials to the use of the latest production processes and CO2 optimized delivery. One of the most […]

Rijkswaterstaat – Northsea Data Experience

Industry: GovernmentTechnology: Virtual RealityUse: Visualisation Question Rijkswaterstaat is the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands. They have an enormous amount of data from the North Sea such as shipping routes, shipwreck and the ecosystem of the North Sea including the life above and below water. This data is […]

ARAL – Gas Station of the Future

Industry: Petrol StationTechnology: 360° VideoUse: Corporate Storytelling / Visualisation Question Together with the Institute for Transport Research of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the German ARAL has conducted a study about mobility in 2040.  A look into this future shows that the need for mobility will continue to grow. The results of this study contain […]

JBL- WebAR Product Visualisation

  In collaboration with Dept Agency Industry: AudiosystemTechnology: ARUse: Visualisation Question JBL has recently launched a new Soundbar serie. From now on, consumer can enjoy exquisite music and films where every war cry, every sword fight and drum roll can be heard. For the promotion of the new Soundbar serie, Dept Agency has created a […]


Industry: ConstructionTechnology: 360° videoUse: Visualisation Question “Vrij Lokers Onderwijs voor jouw Toekomst” (VLOT!) is a school group in Belgium. They are renovating their secondary school building, which will go through some huge changes. The school will become unrecognizable for the former students and teachers. For this reason, the school was looking for a way to […]

Zaans Museum

  Collaboration with The Missing Link Industry: MuseumTechnology: ApplicationUse: Visualisation Question From the first windmills to the newest industry. The Zaans Museum takes visitors to a part of Holland where it has changed considerably over time. The museum wanted to further extend the experience for their visitors, but not just for them. They wanted to […]

Groene Hart Lyceum – Your New School in 360

Industry: ConsultancyTechnology: 360 VideoUse: Visualisation Question The Dutch school “Groene Hart Lyceum” in Alphen aan den Rijn is being renovated. The school will go through a huge change which will make it unrecognizable. For this reason, the school was looking for a way to already show the new building to its students and their parents […]

D vd Steen – Construction Plans Visualisation

  Collaboration with D. van der Steen Industry: ConstructionTechnology: Augmented RealityUse: Visualisation Link: Android Question The Singel, the canal near Utrecht Vredenburg,  has been out of the picture for some time now. Many see it as a big loss. For this reason the municipality of Utrecht wanted to restore the Singel to its former glory. This caused […]