Coca Cola – Christmas Sled Ride

Hop in the Coca Cola sled for the ultimate Christmas experience. We combined virtual reality, a motion platform and special effects for a ride of lifetime. Taking 16 passengers on a journey through winter wonderland.

Safeway – VR Simulation for Offshore

Safeway transports people from ships to offshore sites like oil rigs. We designed a VR simulator to help their operators train anytime, anywhere. Resulting in a more efficient training procedure and tens of thousands euros less costs.

METRO – Essential Retail Skills

  Collaboration with House of LearningIndustry: RetailTechnology: Virtual RealityUse: OnboardingLink: Android QuestionThe German retail company, METRO, is a major international player with a continuous demand for new staff. However, training new employees cost a lot of time and money. For this reason, Metro was looking for a way to improve their training process.SolutionA virtual reality application has […]

Huawei – 5G Race

We toured throughout Europe with a specially designed truck to promote the upcoming 5G network. Using exciting but relevant experiences involving drones, race cars and flying through space.

Premier Tech – Machines in VR

Industry: ManufacturingTechnology: Virtual RealityUse: Productmarketing / Visualisation QuestionPremier Tech is one of the largest manufacturers of flexible packing machines in the world. Showcasing the machines – that can be as large as a house – at external locations is impractical. Therefore Premier Tech was looking for a method to show visitors of the IPM fair […]

Rituals – Multisensory VR Experience

  Collaboration with JAMJAM CreativeIndustry: BeautyTechnology: 360° video & VRUse: Productmarketing QuestionRituals is one of the most famous beauty brands with their origin in The Netherlands. At this moment the company offers 870 establishments around the world, they are famous for their innovative beauty concepts. Rituals wanted to use virtual reality at an instore activation. […]

Adidas – VR Shoe Launch

In collaboration with JamJam CreativeIndustry: RetailTechnology: Virtual RealityUse: VisualisationQuestionFor the launch of the new Adidas shoe Deerupt, Adidas is launching an immersive campaign. In addition to the interactive website, which includes an AR experience, Adidas wanted to do something with virtual reality together with their partner Foot Locker. This is to use the possibilities of […]