UMC | Patient Onboarding

UMC | Patient OnboardingThe clientAmsterdam UMC is a leading academic medical center that combines high-quality complex patient care with innovative scientific research and education for the next generation of healthcare workers. The UMC uses various innovative means to raise healthcare to a higher level. The questionThe UMC carries out many complex operations in which informing the […]

Logistics Group International | VR Onboarding

Logistics Group International | VR Onboarding The clientLGI was founded in 1995 from HP and has more than 5,000 employees in more than 45 locations in Europe, the United States and Russia. Logistics Group International GmbH is one of the leading contract logistics companies in Europe. The questionLGI is growing and is taking on new […]

Dutch Police Academy | Multiplayer CSI

Dutch Police Academy | Multiplayer CSIThe clientThe Police Academy strengthens and renews the professionalism of the police through education, research and knowledge. Every year, some 21,000 students follow a specialist course or training.The questionVirtual reality is increasingly used at the Police Academy. Currently eleven modules have been developed of which VR Owl has helped with […]