JBL- WebAR Product Visualisation

  In collaboration with Dept Agency Industry: AudiosystemTechnology: ARUse: Visualisation Question JBL has recently launched a new Soundbar serie. From now on, consumer can enjoy exquisite music and films where every war cry, every sword fight and drum roll can be heard. For the promotion of the new Soundbar serie, Dept Agency has created a […]

D vd Steen – Construction Plans Visualisation

  Collaboration with D. van der Steen Industry: ConstructionTechnology: Augmented RealityUse: Visualisation Link: Android Question The Singel, the canal near Utrecht Vredenburg,  has been out of the picture for some time now. Many see it as a big loss. For this reason the municipality of Utrecht wanted to restore the Singel to its former glory. This caused […]

Nohnik – Green Energy Stakeholder Communication

Industry: ArchitectureTechnology: ARKitUse: Visualisation Question Would it be possible to already show the end result of a project  during the starting phase? In this time; definitely. The architecture company Nohnik created ten different scenarios for generating sustainable energy. To simplify the decision process for the scenarios Nohnik wanted to visualize their plans. Solution Nohnik came […]

NuBuiten – Augmented E-commerce

Industry: GardensTechnology: AR applicationUse: Visualisation Question NuBuiten is a specialist in the garden branche. The company offers a complete product range with over 7.500 different products. From hardwood to custom fencing and decorative paving. To visualize this wide product range, NuBuiten wanted an AR application that could visualize all of these products. Solution An iOS […]

AFTC – Product Visualiser

Industry: AutomotiveTechnologie: Augmented RealityUse: Visualisation Link: Android Question AFTC is the biggest supplier of application materials AFT (Acrylic, Foam, Tape). You can find the products of AFTC everywhere, but they are not visible enough for the outside world. AFTC wanted to show their clients how the applications in their product range could be used, with the help of […]

Breman – Realtime Data Visualisation

Industry: Installation Technology: AR application Use: Visualisation Question Breman Installation Technology is an expert regarding sustainable and energy saving solutions. They foresee a great future in chain management, installation and maintenance using RFID tags. These wireless sensors without the need for batteries are able to receive data and communicate. They can be deployed in the […]