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  Collaboration with The Missing Link

Industry: Museum
Technology: Application
Use: Visualisation


From the first windmills to the newest industry. The Zaans Museum takes visitors to a part of Holland where it has changed considerably over time. The museum wanted to further extend the experience for their visitors, but not just for them. They wanted to make it possible for everyone to return to Zaanstad from 1725.


The application Timeswitch: Zaanstad 1725 was created. This app makes it possible to be in the present and past at the same time. There are four different places in Zaanstad that you can visit in the app. The user can navigate to the various places where a 360° panorama can be viewed.

The app also has the option to view the 360° panoramas in VR, for which only a cardboard is required. This enables the user to go back in time and be present in Zaanstad from 1725. To return to the present, the user has to look down for a few seconds, after which the 360° panorama of 1725 changes back to the current image of 2019. This can be viewed in VR, but also in 360° mode. The 3D reconstructions in the app were made by Rob Westra from VizVis.


An experience has been created that is valuable for visitors of the Zaans Museum, tourists visiting Zaanstad, but also for Zaanstad itself. “The app is really great. It truly feels like you return back to that time” said Zaandam’s alderman, Natasja Groothuismink, during the launch of the app. Download the app on Android or iOS.


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