Collaboration with CLX

Industry: Fashion
Technology: 360° video & VR Sync
Use: Productmarketing


Woolrich wished to present their new winter collection of 2019 in an innovative way. Instead of doing a video presentation or runway for the stakeholders of the company, Woolrich wished to combine these two. VR was added to immerse the attendees during the presentation into the new collection.


For the recordings of the VR Experience, our team travelled to the high mountains in Italy. It was one of the largest productions with dozens of professional models, a huge production team and members of the Red Cross for support. On location a 360° video was shot of the models that showed the new collection.

The presentation of the winter collection took place in a picturesque village in Italy. 160 attendees of the presentation could simultaneously watch the created 360° video in VR with the VR Sync software.


The whole project ran on a tight schedule, which required fast and accurate actions. Therefore preparations were made in time to unfold the presentation flawlessly. The presentation itself generated a great deal of appreciation from the client and those present.


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