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The Customer

Wickey has been selling playground equipment since the start of the 90’s and have sold over 500.000 units. The equipment is exclusively available on their website which also serves as a source of inspiration and instructions.

The Question

Wickey assists the consumer along their entire customer journey, from inspiration to information before purchasing up until buying and instructing after delivery. Before purchasing many customers ask what the equipment will look like in the garden. To solve these questions Wickey asked us to help implement augmented reality on their website.

The Solution

We made Wickey products suitable for augmented reality and helped implement these models in the customer journey.

The 3D models

Wickey has many different sorts of playground equipment of which we took the eighteen most popular and optimized them for use in augmented reality. This includes the removal of parts that are not vital for visual display and adjusting them to the correct file format.

Spectate in 3D & AR

The augmented reality experience does not require an application and works for Android and Apple. On the mobile site you can select ‘look in 3D’ after which the equipment will appear through the camera in the garden. On the regular website you can find a QR code that you can scan for the same effect.

Decide the ideal place

It is now possible to display the equipment in their full dimensions in your yard by moving your phone. You can rotate the equipment by turning 2 fingers around the axis of the product. Double Clicking makes it scale back directly to 100% size and pinching is used for zooming. You can also make a simple picture that you can share or save to compare against other products.


The most popular Wickey products are available to experience in augmented reality. Next to an exciting brand experience this is going to inspire and help make buying decisions. Because customers can see what fits in their own environment this application reduces returns which saves costs and the climate.

Ready to create impact?

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