Welling Architects | The Natural Station VR-Tour

Industry: Architecture
Technology: VR
Platform: Website & Mobile Phone
Use: Visualisation
Links: Tour


ProRail, NS Stations and Bureau Spoorbouwmeester want all stations in the Netherlands to be circular by 2050. Welling Architects was looking for a unique way to present their circular station of the future at the Dutch Design Week 2020. They asked VR U to present the circular station of the future via a 360° tour.


During the process a nice collaboration took place between VR Owl and Welling Architects. Welling Architects produced the visual elements following instructions from VR Owl, so that VR Owl could create a virtual tour of the circular station of the future.

In this tour it is possible to jump from point to point and navigate using a map. It is also possible to click on information icons. When you click on this, you will receive information about, for example, the material that was used and why it was used.


With this virtual reality experience you get a perfect picture of what the station of the future could look like. You will be well informed about how sustainable the station is and what has been done to make it as sustainable as possible. This project was presented during the Dutch Design Week 2020. On the website of the Dutch Design Week (https://ddw.nl/en/programme/4381/het-natuurlijke-station) you can read more about the realization of the design.

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