WB Firepacks | Fire Protection Demo

Industry: Corporate Security
Technology: Virtual Reality 
Application: Training


WB Firepacks asked VR Owl to create a VR App. WB Firepacks develops, manufactures, maintains and repairs Firepacks. Firepacks are pump units for fire extinguishing, driven by diesel or electric engines. These are resold to companies to extinguish fires efficiently. 

The reason is that WB Firepacks wanted to demonstrate this pumping mechanism, and specifically their unique RFP module, independent of location. In doing so, they wanted to virtually demonstrate their machines at, for example, sales meetings or trade shows. This VR application makes this possible. 


By creating a mobile VR experience in which the pump room can be virtually visited, the customer can still see the full operation of the system on site. VR Owl used animations to explain the operation of the system and allow users to fully experience the operation. 

The result is an impressive and realistic experience that allows users to quickly get a good idea of the benefits of the EFP module.


To ensure that the virtual experience is as close to reality as possible, WB Firepacks provided a technical 3D model. That model was optimized for VR by VR Owl. Animations were then added, bringing the whole thing to life. 

This project was made in co-creation. WB Firepacks explained how the system works, then VR Owl translated it into a VR experience. VR Owl created the 3D shed. 

The user is taken through an experience in which the advantages of the fire extinguishing system, and in particular the EFP module, are explained. This is done, among other things, for a voice-over combined with clear animations. Different steps are activated by the user by means of pushing buttons.


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