Wallenius Wilhelmsen | VR Safety Training

The client

Wallenius Wilhelmsen transports and handles cars, tractors, trains, windmills or even entire factories for some of the world’s best-known companies. To keep the cargo moving safely and efficiently, 8,200 amazing people work as truck drivers, at ports, in 121 processing centers and offices in 29 countries.

The question

At the Zeebrugge shipping company, where as many as 34 nationalities work together, staff have limited awareness of the impact of workplace hazards. VR Owl was asked to create a 360˚ safety training video to remind them of the dangers.

The solution

Through the VR glasses, employees are immersed in a virtual work environment where they experience safety hazards and measures. Unlike traditional training, the VR glasses keep workers from becoming easily distracted and better focused.


VR Owl developed a number of videos showing various scenarios and the impact of not following safety regulations. For example, viewers experience the risk of not wearing safety glasses when an oil spill occurs. This first test was so successful that WW had a number of new videos developed.

The scenarios

In the remaining scenarios, the viewer experiences the consequences of not wearing a safety harness or putting on a mask when spraying paint. The video shows the impact by allowing the viewer to become unconscious from inhaling paint.

The result

This innovative training is not only for current employees, but also helps attract new employees. The training is made very precise so that new employees learn about the work environment and safety regulations without setting foot in the workshops and warehouses.

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