VTC - Crane Training

The client

VTC is the market leader in the Netherlands in vertical transport training.  The organization offers effective and practical training for operators in vertical transport.

The question

Safety on the construction site is vitally important, especially in hazardous processes such as lifting loads.  VTC was looking for a way to safely practice all facets of setting up the crane and lifting the load.

The solution

A virtual reality application where three people can practice simultaneously; a machinist, hoist supervisor and instructor, who assumes the role of a performer.

They can communicate among themselves via speech and hand gestures and are given a tutorial on how to use the application in virtual reality. Each participant has their own role and unique capabilities such as controlling the crane or attaching attachments for lifting.

The environment

Participants train on a realistic construction site based on a real working environment and use recognizable objects such as lifting tools and attachments.  The crane is based on an existing type that VTC also practises with in real life.

Part 1. Process and placement

In the first part of the application, the operator learns about the process where he first talks to the foreman and gets information about the construction site. Then, the operator chooses a set-up location for the crane on a digital map and when placed correctly, can move to the next step.

Part 2. Preperation and check

The operator correctly positions the crane by, among other things, levelling it. He then communicates with the lifting supervisor whether he is sufficiently informed, after which he takes a seat in the cabin for the lifting process.

The hoisting supervisor talks to the foreman and operator and then selects the right materials for the execution.  He checks the lifting tools and attachments, and prepares the lifting process.

Deel 3. Hoisting and evaluation

The machinist and lifting supervisor work together in lifting various loads using the chains and a special floor slab clamp to transport floor slabs to the top floor. They communicate by hand gestures under the watchful eye of the instructor. Afterwards, the operator, lifting supervisor and instructor evaluate the training together.

The Result

Thanks to this training VTC can safely train people in an environment where people are allowed to make mistakes. The training is close to real-world practice and allows VTC to train cheaper and faster. The mobile setup uses laptops, allowing VTC to easily train at various locations simultaneously.

Aan de slag met VR Training?

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