VRIDZ | VR Application with built in CMS system

Industry: VRIDZ (Virtual Reality In De Zorg)
Technology: Virtual Reality
Application: Creating an application



Because Facebook has stopped the production line of the Oculus Go, VRIDZ has asked VR Owl to convert the application of the Oculus Go to the Pico G2 4K with the expansion of new functionalities. 

When the user opens the application, he/she can choose from three categories: Anxiety/Traumas, Brain Journey and Relaxation. In the anxiety and traumas section, the user can train with lifelike images against fear of heights or fear of flying. In the Brain Journey section the user works through Brainspotting by David Grand on processing emotional burden. This can be, for example, fear, but also traumas or insecurities. In the last section, relaxation, you can play videos in beautiful places in nature where you can relax. If desired, a relaxation exercise can be started. All videos in the application are there to support therapy sessions.


VRIDZ, Virtual Reality In De Zorg, makes lifelike 360° videos in combination with discharge via EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and VSDT (Visual Scheme Displacement Therapy). Therapists use these techniques with people who have had a shocking experience, such as an accident, or with people who have fears, such as a fear of flying. VR Owl was asked to create an application with a built-in content management system (CMS) for the Oculus Go and the Pico G2 4K.



The result is an application that can be used for various therapy sessions. VRIDZ now has a multifunctional application that contains all their videos.

VRIDZ can easily manage the application with the built-in CMS. The advantage of this is that they can easily add new content.


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