Van Gelder | Tramway AR Visualization

The client

Van Gelder is the full-service infra partner for the Netherlands. With their infra solutions they contribute to the smart, sustainable and safe public space of the future. A Dutch financially independent family business with over 1400 passionate colleagues and more than 100 years of experience.

The question

With construction projects, a technical drawing of a project is often incomprehensible to local residents and passers-by. They are curious to know what their street or neighborhood will look like. For the renovation of Tramline 16 in The Hague, Van Gelder asked us to help think of a way to visually inform stakeholders.

The solution

An augmented reality application that shows a 3D visualization of the new streetcar line on location in The Hague as well as any other location. In The Hague, markers are placed that align the visualization exactly over the construction site.

The VR App

The application includes a tutorial so that people can easily get started both on location and at home. In addition, the app includes an overview of projects, allowing Van Gelder to easily add new project visualizations in the future.

The Visualization

The 3D model of the tramway can be viewed independent of location. It is possible to place the model on any flat surface and to scale and rotate it.

On location in The Hague, the visualization is placed exactly over existing situation depending on which slab the marker is scanned on.

The Result

The application helps Van Gelder with stakeholder communication for projects that have a major impact on public space. The visualization helps everyone picture the plans without any technical knowledge.

Ready to create impact?

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