USAR | Earthquake VR Training

Industry: Emergency services
Technology: Virtual Reality
Platform: HTC Vive Pro
: Training


The USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) team is dispatched to disaster areas when an earthquake has taken place and persons are trapped under the rubble of collapsed structures. The first step in the field is a thorough situation assessment that provides information needed to make initial USAR coordination decisions; ASR2. 

To help prepare and train team members, the organization was looking into virtual reality as a possible solution. VR Owl was asked to help develop a VR training program


We created a VR training where different earthquake scenarios can be simulated.  The trainer can determine the impact (scale of Richter) and time of day (day or night).   


Each scenario consists of five worksites. By visually inspecting the worksite, talking to informants and listening closely for survivors, USAR students must make an assessment so that the correct label can be determined and therefore correct materials can be selected for rescue operations. The visual detection of possible hazardous materials is also included.


Additionally, users can practice making markings on buildings in line with international USAR’s protocol. So all teams are able to be informed on the work progress of that particular work site.


The VR application allows USAR to safely and thoroughly train employees before sending them out to remote locations. This helps prepare them for their difficult and emotional assignments which they will encounter. USAR saves time and money with more efficient training , but most importantly; they are better equipped to save lives and make a difference. 



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