Geopark the Hondsrug – Nature Route Enhancement

Industry: Tourism
Technology: VR & AR
Use: Entertainment

Link: iOs


The area around the town of Exloo in Drenthe is the beating heart of De Hondsrug UNESCO Global Geopark. The glacial Hondsrug landscape is still largely unaffected.

Two important hotspots of the geopark are located in this area: the Hunzebos and the Leewal, an enigmatic steep wall that meanders through the landscape. We were asked to raise the awareness of this area by developing two routes where visitors could learn about the location by walking and playing on the different trails


Both trails were enriched with virtual and augmented reality. They consist of a sabre-toothed tiger trail for children and a Leewal time travel trail for adults. The children become acquainted with the landscape and its history on the trail by playfully learning everything about it. For example, children can descend from a zip-line competing against a sabre-toothed tiger.

Both trails contain information about different time periods; such as the ice age, the stone age and the present. There are several points in the app where you can play VR & AR games and it’s possible to view informative 360-degree videos!


An application for any age that enriches two routes in the Hondsrug area with virtual and augmented reality.


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