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The client

Amsterdam UMC is a leading academic medical center that combines high-quality complex patient care with innovative scientific research and education for the next generation of healthcare workers. The UMC uses various innovative means to raise healthcare to a higher level. 

The question

The UMC carries out many complex operations in which informing the patient is an important step. For one of the procedures, the implementation of a so-called ‘Clip’ for the treatment of leaking heart valves, the UMC wanted to use a 360 degree informational video.

The solution

We developed two videos for the UMC, one for the placement of the clip in the right ventricle of the heart, and one for placement in the left. Both videos are the same in terms of 360 images, the difference being in the 2D animations showing the internal procedures.

The scenes

The videos consist of 9 scenes in which the patient is guided through all steps of the operation. The video starts with a welcome screen, then goes to the nursing ward and the cath room. The video continues with information about the anesthesia and follows up with the procedure itself. The video ends with the procedure being completed and the return to the ward for recovery

2D animations

The video uses 2D animations to explain the internal procedure of placing the clip. This gives the patient a better idea of ​​​​the operation and what the results of the procedure are. In each of the two videos, the animation differs to match the placement of the clip in the left or right ventricle of the heart.

The Results

Patients are shown the video before the treatment. Informing the patient ensures that they are better prepared, which reduces the fear of the procedure. In addition, the UMC saves valuable time because it spends less time informing the patient. Moreover, a better informed patient means fewer problems during treatment and faster recovery.

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