True Ideas, Unilever, AH & Unilever & Postcode Loterij | Vega Favorites

Branch: Retail
Technology: WebAR
Application: Productmarketing

The execution

Gaston in AR

First of all, Gaston was made into a 3D model based on photos. Gaston had to walk past the dishes so the movements must look realistic. By using a motion capture suit , Xsens was able to make a good animation, for example of the movements of people. 

By tracking the sensors on the suit , Xsens was able to turn it into a smoothly moving animation. Gaston was made into an animation in this way, which ensured that he could walk with the right movements and can be viewed from all angles.

Photorealistic dishes

The 3D files of the dishes could not be too large, because the loading of the experience would take too long. This would reduce the usability and that’s why photogrammetry was used. 

Photogrammetry works by taking pictures from all different angles and stitching them together. This provided a lifelike representation of the dishes without the 3D models becoming too heavy to work with.


All “Nationale Postcode Loterij” lottery ticket holders received a booklet with the twelve vegetarian dishes in it. The booklet contained the QR code with which the participants could start the WebAR experience. With the activated gift card, the participant could go to the Albert Heijn to purchase vegetarian products with discount and cook the dishes.


The direct mailing campaign was viewed more than one hundred and twenty thousand times in twenty days. The WebAR experience contributed to saving 3,600+ tons of CO2 and the campaign sold more than one million meat substitutes.

"We have experienced the collaboration very positively; VR Owl is a company that knows what they are talking about, can solve problems effectively and creatively and can provide relevant input. True Ideas would therefore recommend you at all times."

Jorien Serraris - True Ideas

The client and the question

Albert Heijn, Unilever and the National Postcode Lottery worked together on the Vega Favorites campaign. A campaign where participants could become acquainted with vegetarian products and dishes. The aim of the campaign was to show The Netherlands that vegetarian food is not difficult to prepare, but simple and delicious.

The three companies approached True Ideas, a creative agency, to develop a concept. VR Owl was asked to enrich a direct-mailing campaign with an interactive element.

The concept

Use of WebAR

The interactive element had to be accessible to experience for all recipients, which is why WebAR was chosen. This is a technique where you can view augmented reality content via the browser without the intervention of an app. Recipients only have to scan a QR code and they could instantly see the virtual veggie dishes on the website. This provided a low threshold, a smooth experience and a higher reach.

Virtual dishes

The AR experience really had to be seen as a gift to the participants. That is why Gaston led the participants along through all the dishes in his typical way, and told how tasty and easy to prepare the vegetarian dishes are. When the participant has seen all dishes, a gift card will appear in 3D. Gaston then tells the participant about the benefits of activating the gift card and helps them with this.

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