Tech Data – Visualizing the Cloud

Industry: ICT
Technology: 360° video
Use: Productmarketing


Every day there are new innovations on the horizon. Technological developments take place at an exponential pace. It goes so fast that we can hardly grasp and stay up to date to all these developments. This also applies to the cloud: one of the most important developments at the moment. However, the switch to the cloud is not an easy task.

It is a reason for companies to ask their IT partners for help. This provides opportunities for the partner companies. However, most of the time they are also not aware of the new developments are must work in a completely different way.


Tech Data supports the partner companies. As an IT distributor they do not only provide cloud solution, but they also answer to all kinds of cloud issues. To inform and allow partners to experience the new developments, Tech Data had an animated 360° video made for their big cloud event.

Visitors could experience how a city changes with the help of VR headsets. The video showed how old techniques transform into new ones. A voice-over explains the changes that the partner companies have to deal with. Examples are the enormous growth of IoT application in combination with in-house IT systems. Ofcourse, protection against cyber crime was also covered in the video.


The 360° video supported the event by visualizing the complex information. This made the changes in the techniques tangible and understandable. Visitors experienced the importance of a good transition and learned more about what Tech Data can do for them. The ultimate goal of the event.


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