Synagogue Coevorden – History Lesson

Industry: Construction
Technology: 360° video
Use: Visualisation

Link: Android


The Synagogue of Coevorden, what do we actually know about tit? The Synagoge asked our help to help draw more attention to this historic building.


We built an application for the synagogue consisting of two parts. The first part is a static part with text and audio clips that can be viewed at home, the second part is a tour in VR that you can only view in the synagogue itself. By explaining history in such an innovative way, more people are lured to the synagogue.


The tour within the application also consists of two parts.The first part is a 360-degree photo tour along the most important Jewish places in Drenthe. In addition, you get to see what the synagogue looked like at the time, through an animated VR experience.


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