Star Wars | WebAR

The client

The client provides winning loyalty campaigns, by connecting high-frequency retailers, partners, and shoppers. 

The question

The client created a Star Wars loyalty campaign and reached out to VR Owl to co-create the WebAR aspect to bring the campaign to life.

The concept

A Star Was themed card deck which features numerous AR effects and puzzles which can be collected by shopping at  the retailer. The concept was developed by the client and Disney provided us with the assets of this legendary franchise. 

Our role was optimizing the 3D models as well as the technical integration of the WebAR designs and puzzles. We also helped with integrating the interactive card viewer on the website. We also added puzzles to the website such as ‘memory’ to enhance the experience.

3D models

We helped optimize the 3D models for use in the augmented reality experiences. Each character was carefully checked and reduced in size for a smooth experience while maintaining the high quality standard Disney is known for.

The 63 collectable cards

Each time customers make a purchas they are rewarded with a set of cards, which can be collected in a unique Star Wars album. In total there are 63 cards which feature well known Star Wars characters such Rey, Boba Fett and C-3PO. These cards can be used as playing cards and 31 of them include a unique WebAR experience

Holo and sound effects

A number of cards have a WebAR experience in which the character can be seen with a 3D effect, adding depth to the image. Alongside that, there are cards with sound effects of the characters.

Card Puzzle

One of the cards contains a unique 3D puzzle which the user can solve by sliding the different pieces to the right position. 

The Cover Puzzle

The album cover itself features a unique perspective puzzle where the viewer needs the position himself, or the album in precisely the right manner to solve it.

The results

The campaign is a huge success with millions of cards being given away. In just one month the WebAR website was visited over 125 thousand times. The campaign also got attention from Star Wars fans across the globe and is featured in numerous blogs and videos which generated tens of thousands of views

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