SOMA Company Training | Multiplayer Safety Training

Industry: Construction
Technology: Virtual Reality
Application: Safety training


Together with SOMA we developed a virtual reality application for safety training on the construction site that consists of three parts. The student and trainer are together in the virtual environment, can see and communicate with each other through speech and hand gestures. The trainer can therefore see exactly what the student is doing and immediately provide directions and feedback.  

The first part is entering the construction site. In doing so, the student must pay attention to the applicable safety regulations, which are often indicated by signs. Based on this observation, the trainee must select the correct personal safety equipment.


SOMA Bedrijfsopleidingen is the trainer in infrastructure and vertical transport. The company provides a wide range of education and short-term courses and training. Working safely is one of the most important themes that recurs in every sector.

The safety training usually takes place at the SOMA training facility in Harderwijk. Certain environments such as a busy construction site are difficult to simulate and entering a ‘real’ construction site for training is not desirable. 

SOMA has therefore asked VR Owl to develop a virtual reality application in which an instructor and a student can go through safety training together on a construction site.

The second part is to analyze building material in a container. Material such as hoisting tools such as hoisting belts and chain work is jointly assessed on the basis of a label with information. The student should pay attention to the inspection date and other aspects to assess whether the material may still be used.

The last step is to control a crane, whereby the participant must give signals to the operator to hoist material. The student learns about communication with a crane operator and which hand and arm signals are used for. Finally, he must have material moved by giving the hoisting signal with his hand and finger. 


The aim was to develop a scenario-based safety training with aspects that could hardly be simulated. This allows SOMA to train on awareness and communication in a controlled environment. The result is a faster and more effective learning process at a lower cost. This first application offers SOMA the possibility to easily add new training modules and to further improve its teaching offer.


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